Anchor House, Inc. Women's Residential

Anchor House, Inc. Women’s Residential


Brooklyn New YorkAnchor House, Inc. Women’s Residential Review

Anchor House, Inc. is a faith-based residential substance abuse treatment facility in Brooklyn, NY, with two separate gender-specific facilities for men and women. With a mission “to provide a true anchor, a stable and reliable foundation where the soul is refreshed, restored and hope is born again,” Anchor House’s first facility opened for men in 1967. Founded by Reverend Alfredo Cotto-Thorner from Brooklyn’s South Third Street United Methodist Church after he befriended neighborhood addicts, Anchor House was created based on his belief that a stable home would make all the difference in the lives of addicts by offering accommodations and recovery support. In 1996, the men’s facility expanded to a larger building nearby and Anchor House opened the facility for women in its original location.

Anchor House’s long-term program often treats women who require a more in-depth program than basic outpatient. Its success and longevity are a result of a multi-phase evidence-based program which includes vocational training and support for re-entry into the job force.

Accommodations and Food

The facility has twenty-eight beds and is situated on a tree-lined residential neighborhood in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Typically, four women share a dorm-style room with bunk beds with a shared bathroom on each floor. There is a TV in the facility’s common area. The décor, which one visitor described as “like stepping into a beautifully designed apartment,” is home-like and tasteful.

A head cook and staff prepare three standard American meals daily, and try to accommodate dietary restrictions depending on the circumstances.

Treatment and Staff

Women stay in the program 12-18 months, depending on their progress through treatment. On a typical day, residents wake up at 6:30 am and perform chores followed by breakfast. Their day is then spent in group therapy (in a minimum of three groups) and individual counseling.

In the evenings residents can watch the news after dinner and then attend either a process group in the house or a nearby 12-step meeting. Women must be in their rooms by 9 pm each night.

Each resident meets with her counselor once a week. Groups are a combination of addiction education and processing groups. The education groups are led by CASACs who also function as individual counselors and facility staff. The therapeutic groups are led by an LCSW and use CBT skills. Groups vary in size but seldom exceed twenty, with those later in the day being more crowded since women in later phases of treatment have returned to the facility from work or school. Residents struggling with co-occurring disorders are taken to a nearby clinic for therapy and medication.

Phones and computers are not allowed in the first phases of treatment but the women may write to loved ones and use house phones to call family. As residents progress in their treatment, they have more autonomy over their daily schedules. Many begin to look for work and/or start a vocational training program in their seventh or eighth month of treatment. Anchor House has affiliations with several vocational schools in the area and provides suggestions on job training and recommendations and referrals.

Residents must attend church services at least once a week and are encouraged to attend more often if their schedules allow. On weekends, the staff take residents on recreational trips to movies and events and once they’ve been in treatment for several months, the women may apply for weekend passes to visit family.

Staff includes CASACs, LMSWs, LCSWs, LMHCs, RNs, LPNs, as well as Recovery Coaches and Peer Advocates.


Anchor House transports residents to nearby YMCA for exercise and the facility hosts a Family Day for visitors the last Saturday of each month.

Additionally, music therapy is available in the form of a choir and clients are invited to explore its benefits which include stress and anxiety relief as well as battling the common addiction symptoms of anger and depression.

Anchor House also has a strong alumni network and mentoring program. Clients are paired with sober individuals who stay connected with the resident and act as a guide through the treacherous first phases of recovery. Concurrent with admission, clients begin planning their post-treatment lives and an aftercare program is in place to support those goals. Anchor House alumni are an integral part of this program and act as fellows while clients continue to participate in outpatient care.

In Summary

Anchor House’s long-term treatment program helps rebuild lives through extensive therapy and education. Its ability to then support women as they re-enter the workforce is the critical piece of the recovery process that many didn’t receive in prior treatment. Anchor House’s alumni community ensures that residents leave not only with more self-knowledge and improved life skills, but also with a large network of fellows and supporters.

Anchor House, Inc. Women’s Facility Location

976 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Anchor House Women’s Facility Cost

Medicaid only. Reach Anchor House Women’s Facility by phone at (718) 756-8673. Find Anchor House of on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. Speaking out! on

    The sadest part of reading these reviews is the unbelievable lies. It is true there were some problems and they are doing much better.

    The posting about having heart attacks is such a lie and police called is really sad. The fact that people want to trash a place that has helped thousands of people. Those who are not satisfied seem to scream. The loudest a my hope is those who have received great help will post like I now.

    This place has been around for 52 years so something must be good about it ya think? The level of success always outweighs those who try to tear it down.

    This place is really great and many have been helped including their families.

  2. hi my name is ms moore my daughter shanae moore is currently at bergen regional medical care in paramus since 08/03/2018 she made a call to me staiting that her 5 day detox is over 08/08/2018 she is in need of long term treatment asap she called ms kenyatta day she enter bergen regional couldnt get thru no answer then called friday was told to call monday 08/06/18 after 900 when she said she will call again monday just praying she get in mr randy burley from new hope church in newark nj refered her i know she has to make the call she called three times she is homless sleeping in parks and abandoned building desperate mom god bless

  3. I’m suppose to be going there in a week and I am conflicted. There are a lot of horrible reviews mostly from the women. The men are pretty happy with it but I am a Christian. I do not mind going to church. But these reviews are scaring me. I’m not even in New York. I’m suppose to get on a plane and arrive there in a week or so. I’m nervous and scared. Please respond to me .

  4. Lauren nothing on

    In 2012 I was in this place… I was literally forced to like be poor. Simple things that you are allowed to do in every other program you are not allowed to do here. Have a cell phone, weekly shopping for nessities, write letters and actually mail them urself, wear makeup, wear jeans or sweats, eat healthy and most of all make decisions that are simple, like do I want to be on choir or not. Do I want to attend church more then one time per week or not, would I like to maintain a relationship with my children or not. Nope, it’s all decided for u. Bottom line the or nots are never happening! It’s do it or like be screamed at and forced to anyway followed by some total bullshit. Look, please do not come here, do not come her! It’s horrible like u would not believe.
    Fake ppl, unrealistic situations, not God like… just a hell hole! Now they have a men’s house, that’s a totally different place ran by the same ppl yet the rules are humane.

  5. I was there too I am truly sorry other woman suffered after I left doing a total 15 months we should all get together and see what we could do as a team to make sure this place gets closed down. If anyone knows the truth it’s me. God bless everyone good luck with your recoverys

  6. Brown Isbeautiful on

    I spent 4 months here. I had such a learning experience, however i felt abuse throught the entire time i spent at the program. I entered running away from my life, which i demanded back on my own. Being in anchor house i felt bullied, cornerd and envied. I felt hurt. I was put out and striped for standing up for myself. Women should feel empowered, this is a horrible place. The people in this place are damaging to the soul, yet it’s up lifting with the faith base functions. The councilors and patients have to learn love and forgiveness. Unlearn hate. They are greedy, ghetto, grimey pigs, it was hard to see they were women. They centered me for being pretty and intelligent. Singling me out, bullying me taking away doctor appointments, food, letters written to me from my family, visits. I did chours all over the house. I just felt so shut down and cornered, snd they have hurt so many women. Walking down flatbush to pick up a check from work and i saw a former resident of anchor house looking all sprung out on drugs. *sigh*

  7. Pete calandrois on

    Jesus god… according to your reviews, this place sounds like athe portal to hell. That’s what u get when dealing with an all women Christian staff… typically Christian women are catty hypocrites… to treat other women like this, try to have secret agendas on poor women in crisis is horrible. Sounds more like a cult trying to conform ppl to Christianity rather then help drug addiction… shame on u anchor house!!!! I hope the state shuts them down!

  8. I agree with Sarah’s statement. I somehow managed to complete this program. But the hell I went through was not worth it! I feel the way this site portrays the house is so over exaggerated. I seen this site and went because of this site, it looked amazing. Far from it! Horrible, I too had to call the police on them, they would not give me my cell phone back. Verbal abuse and mental abuse, neglect and gross conditions. Biggest mistake I ever made! I did not get any help from those ppl. I was tortured

  9. Be careful when choosing this facility. If you are not a devote Christian my advise, Look elsewhere! Grueling schedule, hard manual labor, abuse from disgruntled staff, racist staff members. I’m telling the absolute truth here please understand my intention was to get help for my addiction however that never happened. I was refused medical treatment because my I surface did not kick in, that takes 3 months. So for 4 months I did not see a doctor. This place is supervised by the state therefore I should have seen a doctor. It’s the law! They do not have a doctor on site. I was dying ya’ll. My counselor had no time for me, btw there are only 2 counselors on site. Both straight up crazy. The act like prison C.O’S. Heartless and crazy! One of them was arrested in Newark NJ her mug shot was passed around the house via a client’s cell phone and this women acts insane if someone screws up yet she was arrested while working there claiming she’s perfect. We all knew she wasn’t. No proper diet, everyone rolls out of there 500 pounds. The food is horrible. Every phone call is monitored, no cell phone are allowed! You are to sit in a room all day and read the Bible. That’s it… nothing else! Women get visits one time per month! ONE TIME A MONTH!!! LOL… THE MEN’S HOUSE BTW HAS WEEKLY VISITS, CELL PHONES, AND START PASSES AFTER 60 DAYS. WOMEN GET PASSES AFTER 7 MONTHS!!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THAT!!!! The men are treated way better, and are treated like humans. The women are treat like caged animals. They have a very dangerous message for new ppl in christ. The women are subjected to room searches without being there and the staff lady who does it ( the one who got arrested) does the search without another staff person watching her back. That’s breaking the law. It’s a state requirement that all room searches are conducted with client present and at least 2 staff persons present. But we all know she likes to break laws. Charlotte was her name and her mug shot can be found by simply googeling her name with the words mug shot arrested essex County jail next to it and bam! Next, house work!!! All day long you are asked to clean, mop, scrub! It is infested with rats. They still force women to do the garbage even tho it is rat infested. There is no heat!!! NO HEAT!!!! NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!! BRUTAL…. AGAIN NO FUCKING HEAT PPL!!!! NONE ZERO!!! BAD SHAPE! I could not believe what was going on in this place. I had suffered a bad divorce before I came in and had been drinking a lot. I was ignored and left alone for 5 days with not one staff person checking in on me or calling 911. I crawled out of there, I couldn’t walk. They never even noticed I left. A police officer came to my aid because he could see i needed medical attention. When I arrived at kings County my temperature was 104.3 anchor house did not have a thermometer. Crazy right! I had gone into cardiac arrest and needed emergency surgery. The doctor said I could have died. This is the type of place you are dealing with. The Twilight Zone! Weirdest women staff ppl you will ever meet. I never went back. And I did not contact them. When I was in the hospital NYPD came in and wanted information about anchor house. The hospital contacted them. I gave a statement and next thing I know an attorney came to see me along with 2 supervisors from oasis. I told my story, they were shocked! Anchor house is unaware but I along with the state of NY have filed a lawsuit suit. I’m telling my story because there are other women right now being subjected to horrible abuse. Please do not send your loved one here!

    • Karen Stafford on

      Omfg! Are u serious? This is unacceptable… that must be the most bizarre story I have ever heard in regards to drug treatment. This place is a drug rehab supervised by the state of ny? And nothing had been done? I’m like in tears reading this. No person should be punished for using or abusing drugs/alcohol….
      What a total fn joke!

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