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The Anchor Hospital campus of Atlanta, Georgia was opened in 1986 and is part of the South Crescent Behavioral Health System, specializes in acute care for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. The main Anchor Hospital campus is located on 55 miles of private land and there are several satellite locations as well. Anchor Hospital serves as the community’s total care network for detox, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation.

Accommodations and Food

After an initial assessment, clients may be referred to residential treatment. The residence is called “The Lodge” and is dorm-style living that offers housing to 15 adult males and 15 adult females. While men and women stay in the same building, they are separated while in recovery. Only the dining area and a room for reading or writing are shared.

The main focus of this center is to offer a supportive environment for a short time before then transitioning clients to the outpatient program, located in the same building. Usually length of stay is no more than 28 days and amenities are basic. The residential program may even be compared to an independent living facility, since family visitation and transportation to meetings and other outings are readily available.

They offer three meals a day, or the option to order take out, and snacks are served in the evening. There is a shared kitchen area where snacks and drinks can be kept. Caffeine is permitted, as is sugar.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment at Anchor Hospital is individualized. The facility utilizes a 12-step approach and offers on-site meetings. Following their assessment, clients may receive a variety of therapy options. If detox or medication is required, the initial stay in the main Anchor Hospital location may last up to five days with check-ins from medical and therapy staff every 15 minutes. If it is determined that a residential stay is necessary, a seven day a week treatment program will be put in place, with group and individual therapy sessions starting at 8:45 am and going until 3 pm Monday through Friday (8:30 am to 12:30 pm on weekends). The program at this location is only available to adults 18 and up and provides therapy options including expressive therapy, CBT, ECT and counseling for co-occurring conditions.

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) and partial hospitalization program (PHP) are offered to children, adolescents, adults and seniors at two locations. The adult PHP is at the Outpatient Campus and the children’s and adolescents programs are at the Crescent Pines location. Depending on a client’s individual needs, treatment is available anywhere from three to five days a week. The Outpatient Campus is open seven days a week and has meetings for adults every day from 9 am-12 pm with evening programs three times a week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 pm and adolescent programs offered during the weekdays from 8:30 am to 12 pm. This flexible schedule is ideal for those who are seeking treatment while still going to work or school.

The children’s and adolescents programs take place in the Crescent Pines location. Four to 12 is the age range for children and 13-18 qualifies as adolescents. The PHP offers children and adolescent treatment services from 8:30 am to 3 pm five days a week. These programs allow clients to live at home during treatment. Therapy is focused on group and individual counseling as well as activity and family therapy.

The hospital itself consists of medical staff and psychiatrists who specialize in addiction, as well as expressive therapists, psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors and nurses. The residential and outpatient program has counseling staff on-site and 24-hour-a-day access to hospital staff if needed.


Anchor Hospital also offers the START program, which focuses on clients and their families. This treatment takes place at the hospital location and offers daily AA meetings, grief and shame counseling, family counseling sessions and relapse prevention classes.

Aftercare is offered free of charge to all clients who would like continued support. They have meetings twice weekly on Tuesday at 4 pm and Thursday at 7 pm. Anchor Hospital has also developed a telemedicine program using interactive technology in order to treat those who are in need but live too far from the hospital location to receive regular care.

In Summary

Anchor Hospital offers clients many options for treatment and recovery. While this isn’t a place to go to for the luxury accommodations, Anchor Hospital does aim to be a thorough system with programs designed to help clients of all ages receive treatment in a safe environment. The affordable, flexible programs provide participants with the skills and knowledge to get healthy and transition back into their daily routines.

Anchor Hospital Location

5454 Yorktowne Dr
Atlanta, GA 30349

Anchor Hospital Cost

$1,960 (per week). Reach Anchor Hospital by phone at (770) 991-6044 or (866) 667-8797.

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  1. Keith Bradford on

    This place caused my wife to suffer a mental breakdown after she returned home. After 5 days at home, she returned to another facility due to the nightmares of this place. They keep sending us bills. Soon, it may be us sending them bills for pain and suffering. I agree with the comments above about contacting an attorney and we may be dong the same. Still, after 2 months, the horrors of this place is all she can talk about. WE live in the country near the north Georgia mountains. This is not the place she should have been! Although she requested rehab at our local hospital, once she was “taken” to Anchor, I had no authority to check her out and take her to another facility of our choosing. It’s like she was being held against her will.

  2. I don’t have anything good to say about the place. I’m reading these reviews and my items came up missing too…and of course management had nothing to do with it, didn’t want to be responsible for them…and it was all my fault they were missing. Truth is….they use transitioning between a patient’s problems…and when they think the patient should be aware of things for their convenience. The only thing they do is send you to class everyday. A few times no one showed up for the class. They need new protocols for good operations. The place is running on fumes.

  3. I called the director and she didn’t look into nothing. They supposed to write down items u bring but eventually they didn’t. Nobody is rich to keep buying stuff that people busy stealing everytime u bring it. Whose nutts.? I’m pissed and I will be taking this up with my lawyer cause my LAWYER KNOWS and is aware of the complaints. I let him kno each time I had to drive almost an hour to get there. Bs

  4. I called the director and she didn’t look into nothing. They supposed to write down items u bring but eventually they didn’t. Nobody is rich to keep buying stuff that people busy stealing everytime u bring it. Whose nutts.? I’m pissed and I will be taking this up with my lawyer cause my LAWYER KNOWS and is aware of the complaints. I let him kno each time I had to drive almost an hour to get there. Bs

  5. Just don’t bring your love one too many items. My daughter went there and I had sent her with 8 alfits and how about she got discharged with somebody else’s Alfit and has none of her items at all. How is a mental patient supposed to keep up with they items. So someone else is enjoying her clothes they stole. And other items were in her bag and her bag was missing the 3rd day of her staying there. Pitiful. Then they said omg she don’t have no clothes. She had clothes and they stole them so I look like the bad one. SMH

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