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Anamika Recovery Center


Anamika Recovery CenterAnamika Review

Anamika Recovery Center is a 12-step based treatment facility in Anaheim Hills, California named for the Sanskrit word for “anonymous.” Its goal is to heal the body, mind and spirit through holistic care as well as alternative therapeutic sessions.

Accommodations and Food

A small home that resembles a farmhouse in a shaded residential neighborhood covered in plants and palm trees, Anamika can house only six residents at a time in the three-bedroom house where everyone has a roommate. The high wooden paneling on the ceilings, combined with the high number of windows and numerous plants, give the place a homey feel.

On Sundays, clients are taken to Von’s grocery store with $100 dollar gift cards (included in the rehab cost) to buy food that they then cook together (all are encouraged to join in the process as a part of Anamika’s Life Skills program). If residents don’t want to use the kitchen, there’s a BBQ pit outside. Because healthy sustenance is emphasized here, clients are guided when shopping to buy foods that will restore their bodies.

Treatment and Staff

The 30 to 90 day residential treatment program at Anamika centers around customized care that is created individually for each client and focuses on four specific foundations: CBT, DBT, life skills and spirituality. Literature and counseling is provided in various languages if needed and includes German, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and Swahili for international clients.

Though 12-step is the focus, clients receive individual therapy every day in addition to the daily group therapy. There is an MD on staff so a three-to-five day detox is available for between $800 and $1,000. Clients are taken to off-site AA meetings every night except Thursdays when there is a men’s meeting on-site (female clients go to an off-site meeting during this time). Clients are required to attend AA and encouraged to get sponsors while in treatment.

A typical day at Anamika means waking up at 6:30 am for breakfast at 7 followed by exercise from 8 to 10 am. After that is group therapy until lunch at 1 pm. In the afternoon, clients attend group and individual therapy, spiritual reading sessions of the One Day at a Time book and educational classes on addiction and healthy eating. Residents do chores from 4 to 4:30 pm and then have free time until dinner at 6 pm, which is followed by AA at 7 pm. After that is time to do counselor-assigned homework or just relax until lights out at 10:30 pm.

Anamika employs six staff members—a combination of highly credentialed professions and peer counselors—so the ratio of staff-to-clients is an impressive one-to-one.

Clients can watch TV during free time. Cell phones and computers are not allowed, but after a week, they can earn phone privileges and use one of the on-site landlines. Also after a week, clients may receive visitors on Friday mornings from 10 to 11:30 am. 


Temporary memberships at a nearby 24-Hour Fitness are provided because two hours of exercise five days a week is mandatory. Extra curricular activities on the weekends include visits to nearby parks, miniature golf courses and bowling alleys, but most of the outings at Anamika are to the gym. 

The family program takes place on Saturdays and Sundays and lasts all day. In the morning, clients and family members have group therapy as well as an educational course on addiction. There’s then a “non-confrontational” group lunch (meant to discourage family members from confronting clients about their addiction) followed by either family group or individual therapy. Therapists are also available throughout the week to have phone sessions with loved ones; in addition, family members can be scheduled during the week if needed.

In Summary

With an intimate program, a one-to-one staff-to-client ratio and an abundance of individual therapy for a cost not found anywhere else, Anamika is a great facility. The emphasis on exercise may be a bit too much for people who consider getting sober exhausting without all that activity but those who can hack it will probably consider Anamika a true find.

Anamika Location

144 S. Peralta Hills Dr
Anaheim, CA 92807

Anamika Cost

$20,000 (30 days); $21,000 (30 days with detox). Reach Anamika by phone at (714) 974-4673. Find Anamika on Facebook 

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