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Anaheim LighthouseAnaheim Lighthouse

While sunny Southern California seems like an optimal place for recovery, rehabs usually come with a hefty price tag. Located just 25 minutes away from beautiful Newport Beach, Anaheim Lighthouse aims to be an affordable beacon of hope in a world of pricey recovery. The large campus includes four separate buildings in a quiet, residential area, offering both residential treatment and Sober Living. With a home-style environment and gender-specific treatment, clients are able to feel safe and comfortable as they find sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

The 75-bed living accommodations occupy four homes on a residential street. Each building is accredited by the California Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and aims to avoid a hospital or institutional feel. Clients share airy bedrooms with one other client, as private rooms are not available. The living spaces feature modern kitchens, living rooms with a television and washer/dryer services. For those who wish to spend time outside, a large private patio and picnic area is available. This is the perfect place to drink coffee in the morning, spend time journaling or take a smoke break.

Treatment and Staff

The clinical team at Anaheim Lighthouse includes a variety of counselors and therapists. For those needing medication management, an outside psychiatrist is available on an as-needed basis. While the program does offer a social detox at no additional cost, this means the client is detoxing cold turkey.

The services at this facility include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, substance abuse education, medication management, family therapy and 12-step work. Group topics include anger management, relapse prevention, trauma and processing. Clients can attend 12-step meetings on a regular basis, in addition to having group therapy time to delve deeper into what the steps mean.

A typical day begins at 7 am with wakeup and med call followed by breakfast at 7:30 am. Chores begin at 8 am followed by personal hygiene until 9 am. Clients attend their first group of the day from 9 to 11 am followed by lunch at 11:15 am. After lunch, clients attend a 12-step meeting followed by another group until 4 pm. Clients have free time and dinner until 6 pm followed by gym time from 5:30 to 7 pm. A daily reflection is held from 7:15 to 7:45 pm followed by more group work until 9:15 pm. Clients finish up the day with a final round of meds, personal time and lights out at 10:30 pm.


While the facility does not have an on-site gym, all clients receive a membership to the local LA Fitness. Workouts can be done on a daily basis in the evenings.

The family program invites family members into the facility on Saturdays for group therapy. During this time, the families can work on their own issues as they support their loved ones.

In Summary

A drawback of this program is the lack of medical staff on-site. A detox without medical monitoring and medication sounds less than ideal. However, if you are looking for something strictly clinical, this program offers comparatively inexpensive recovery in an attractive location.

Anaheim Lighthouse Location

1320 West Pearl St
Anaheim, CA 92801

Anaheim Lighthouse Cost

$12,900 (30 days). Reach Anaheim Lighthouse by phone at (855) 767-6777. Find Anaheim Lighthouse on Facebook and Twitter

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  3. Windstone/Lighthouse is a scam whereby jail inmates are allowed rehab over jail time. These jail inmates are not interested in rehab, rarely attend meetings, stay up partying till 2 or 3 every morning disturbing the legitimate patients and are given many special status seemingly because Lighthouse does not want to lose their lucrative tax payer based business.

    The other residents of Lighthouse are generally taxpayers, private individuals and health insurance referrals who are generally trying to get better. In my stay at the Lighthouse the legitimate residents were all outraged.

    One of the favorite scams of the jail inmates is referring paying residents to particular therapists. Upon a successful referral they are paid between $500 and $1,000.

    While at Lighthouse (through Kaiser), I heard one of the inmates on the phone bragging to his associates that he had already made $3,000 on referrals and they should get in on the scam by getting into Lighthouse.

    • Thanks for posting you opinion regarding the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is a private pay facility that had contracts with County and State agencies in 2008. We provide quality care and make every effort to create a lasting foundation for sobriety. We invested over $1M in facility improvements in 2015. Any reports or known financial irregularities are immediately resolved. As we help recovering alcoholics and addicts there are many problems that we face and we handle them one at a time.

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