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Based in San Jose, California, Amicus House has provided 12-step focused drug and alcohol treatment to the Silicon Valley area since 1989. This facility stemmed from a program called Moriah, Inc., a collection of seven different centers in the area. Amicus House is not only certified under the official Santa Clara County Drug and Alcohol Certification Program but also helped create and develop the actual guidelines.

Accommodations and Food

The Amicus House can have up to 14 residents during the primary care phase. The facility itself is nothing fancy—it looks a little like a converted barn. There is a basic kitchen and small dining area. Clients usually sleep in bunk beds, two-to-four people per room where things seem kind of tight.

Three meals a day are provided as part of the cost but clients are expected to prepare all of the food and clean up after themselves. Residents cook and clean and do their own laundry. Linens and towels are provided. This is hands on, life-skills training.

Treatment and Staff

The primary care phase of treatment lasts for 30 days and includes gender specific group counseling, individual counseling, 12-step meetings, family program, life skills education, addiction education and behavior modification. There is no detox at this facility and there is not a lot of qualified help for dual diagnosis clients.

Amicus House is owned by Lori Johnson, one of the original founders of the aforementioned Moriah, Inc., and an addiction specialist working in the field since 1990, who personally oversees each client’s individual journey in the program. Former clients and professionals in the addiction field continuously praise her specifically for being a core reason why people see success in this program.

A typical day of residential treatment at Amicus is pretty non-stop. Residents have an 8 am breakfast (and cleanup) followed by meditation and/or exercise, group education classes for two hours then lunch at noon. After lunch there is a group counseling session, with alternating days of gender specific sessions. Every afternoon at 3 pm clients receive individual counseling (length of time for these sessions can vary depending on number of counselors on-site and clients’ individual needs) then everyone participates in a 12-step meeting at 4 pm. Dinner is served at 5 pm, followed by clean up and another 12-step meeting. There is an end-of-the day recap at 10 pm before clients retire to their rooms for bed. This schedule totals 40 hours a week of combined counseling and education.

Once clients complete the first 30 days of treatment, they transition to outpatient care, which is a three-month process involving two to three counseling sessions a week. During this treatment stage, clients are in a sober living environment where they are working and/or going to school while also attending daily 12-step meetings, interacting with on-site staff and enjoying fellowship with other program participants.

Cell phones, laptops and tablets are strictly prohibited at Amicus House. Clients should bring 30 days worth of any medication they are prescribed upon entering treatment but should leave home any weapons, drug paraphernalia, mouthwash, magazines or electronics.


As part of their family programming, Amicus House conducts weekly family groups at the nearby Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. Commencing at 7 pm, these sessions serve as Q&A for the loved ones of those in treatment as well as counseling around dealing with addicted family members.

Amicus House also offers a Work Release Program, which works closely with the Santa Clara County court system. Clients in this track have programming somewhat dictated by the court but are allotted 10 hours a day away from the facility, five days a week in order to go to legitimate jobs.

In Summary

Although relatively inexpensive, prospective clients of Amicus House should make sure these services are the best fit for their unique needs before paying up. The overall lack of a medical component here might be a significant deterrent for those facing severe withdrawal symptoms or co-occurring disorders. Still, former clients and their loved ones consistently revere its dedication to the family.

Amicus House Location

466 South Buena Vista Ave
San Jose, CA 95126

Amicus House Cost

$3,700 (30 days). Reach Amicus House by phone at (408) 294-2277 or by email at [email protected]. Find Amicus House on Facebook and Google+

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  1. I have been considering writing a review since I found Amicus house for a family member and am motivated to do this now because I am extremely disheartened to see some of the reviews bashing this program. Almost five years ago, we discovered the level of need my loved one had re: addiction. It was a shock to the entire family and we were dealing with many fears of our own. With my loved one living in Oregon and me living in San Jose, I began to look for options here. After four inquiries, the only return contact within 24 hours was from Amicus House. While we played phone tag a bit, we connected and I was able to speak with an intake person and the owner. Over the next 24 hours, I received options for my loved one receiving services and the owner, Lori, even made herself available to speak with the law officers involved in my loved ones case.
    Once arriving, it was difficult to drop my loved one off and know that the journey to recovery would be challenging.
    The family nights were essential for us, as I learned a lot about addiction and other things that impacted how we got to this point as a family. When my parents came to visit, my Mom received great insight from the counselor.
    Sober living began after my loved one’s stay at Amicus. It was hard and amazing to watch this change occur. Things were looking up; enough that I felt comfortable having my loved one move in with me.
    Here we are almost five years later. Clean, healthy, employed, and happy. Our family has never been as strong and we are so grateful for Amicus House and the ongoing support from Lori and the team.
    For those of you considering a program for your loved one (or for yourself) – please consider that this is a reality program – the expectation is the client needs to learn how to LIVE while not using. This involves taking care of YOURSELF. Cooking, cleaning, washing your clothes. As I told my loved one before dropping her off. This is Rehab, NOT a vacation.

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