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AmeriHealth Addiction Treatment

AmeriHealth Addiction Treatment

An addiction to drugs, alcohol or compulsive behaviors harms your body and mind. It changes the way that you think, behave and interact with loved ones. When you or a member of the family starts abusing drugs or alcohol, seeking treatment offers a realistic solution that helps with the recovery process. AmeriHealth addiction recovery coverage offers the assistance that you need to find the right addiction treatment centers for your specific goals and health concerns.

Coverage for Treatment

AmeriHealth addiction recovery starts with the coverage that you purchased. In general, policies from AmeriHealth cover the cost or a portion of the cost associated with addiction recovery and treatment. The exact coverage amount depends on the addiction treatment facilities, the type of program that you are considering and the duration of treatment.

Generally, AmeriHealth covers a large portion of the cost when you seek out-patient treatment. You may pay a percentage of the treatment or a stated co-payment, but the exact details vary between policies. AmeriHealth addiction recovery coverage also pays for in-patient treatment up to a stated percentage. You will need pre-authorization before entering an in-patient program. In general, the policies cover an in-patient program up to a stated number of days and a stated percentage, such as 70 percent or 50 percent. Expect an out-of-network provider to cost more when compared to an in-network provider.

Treatment Options

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that an effective treatment program recognizes individuality and focuses on treating the underlying cause of addiction by offering a personalized treatment plan. Treatment options that help with addiction recovery include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Counseling
  • Medically supervised detoxification programs
  • Out-patient treatments
  • In-patient programs

The specific AmeriHealth addiction recovery program that assists with recovery goals will vary based on personal concerns and current health. Since AmeriHealth addiction recovery coverage offers several options, follow a doctor’s advice and seek treatment from an appropriate in-network provider. A residential program requires pre-authorization on most policies, so make sure you comply with any standards before starting the treatment program.

AmeriHealth addiction recovery provides the opportunity to start fresh and regain your health. The coverage helps pay for the cost of treatment so that you can focus on reaching your goals. Addiction harms the entire family, so start working on realistic solutions that allow your family and your body to heal. Appropriate treatment provides the tools that you need to avoid a relapse and rebuild your relationships for a healthy lifestyle.