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America’s Rehab Campuses


The Basics

With facilities in Dana Point, California and Tucson, Arizona, America’s Rehab Campuses is a CARF-accredited, multi-faceted organization that offers flexible treatment services for clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. While the organization also has flexible outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), both the Dana Point and Tucson facilities provide more intensive detox and residential treatment programs for those in need.

Accommodations and Food

The organization’s flagship campus is in Arizona and boasts 207 total beds in shared rooms kept separate by gender; the Dana Point facility is much smaller with 12 beds available in shared rooms. The Tucson facility houses residents in comfortable rooms with queen and king beds, carpeted floors, nightstands, TVs in the rooms and other modern amenities. The Dana Point campus is similar, though just a little smaller.

In addition to the bedrooms, the Tucson campus also has a pool, fitness facilities, a pharmacy for those in detox, therapy rooms, a spa, shared lounges and outdoor walking paths. The Dana Point campus is more of a standard residential home, with outdoor water features, common areas, dining rooms and an outdoor patio with expansive ocean views. In both locations, all clients are served three meals a day by on-site chefs.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, all residents go through an initial intake and assessment process to help the staff determine their needs. In both of the above locations, participants can detox with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) on-site before continuing with therapy. In either case, residents can expect to attend individual and group therapy with evidence-based treatment practices including CBT, DBT and EMDR. In addition to the standard psychotherapeutic approaches, the organization also stresses holistic recovery which includes yoga, mindfulness training, meditation, nutritional counseling, energy-balancing techniques, art therapy and more. While 12-step participation is not strictly required, it may be encouraged in some cases.

The staff at America’s Rehab Campuses consists of supervising doctors and psychiatrists, life coaches, RNs, LCSWs, LMFTs and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


Beyond the above, the organization also includes family therapy as necessary. Clients will also sometimes take supervised day trips with the staff to go do nearby sober activities. Once participants complete one of the above primary care plans, they can work with the staff members to develop stepped down aftercare options as well.

In Summary

In all, America’s Rehab Campuses is a wide-ranging organization with a full host of services for those struggling with addiction and other behavioral health issues. Across campuses in Dana Point and in Tucson, residents attend evidence-based psychotherapy, holistic groups, life skills classes and nutritional counseling. While the cost of treatment may vary by insurance and length of stay, America’s Rehab Campuses remains a strong resource.

America’s Rehab Campuses
6944 E Tanque Verde Rd
Tucson, AZ 85715

33861 Granada Dr
Dana Point, CA 92629

America’s Rehab Campuses Cost: Varies by location, insurance and program specifics. Reach America’s Rehab Campuses by phone at (833) 272-7342. Find America’s Rehab Campuses on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube

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  1. Nancy MacFarland on

    My son entered this rehab on Thursday, May 30. He was told would receive detox therapy initially and then rehab for 30 days. He is a drug addict. On Sunday night,June 2 he was told he would have to leave in the morning. He asked why and was not given a response from the case manager. I called Monday at 9:00 because prior to that time they don’t answer the phones. I was told by
    the same guy who told us he get would stay for 30 days that he would find out why this was occurring.
    He called back and told me my son needed a mental health evaluation. He suggested I set it up, we live in Phoenix not Tucson. I told him that they are responsible for his care. No one ever called me back not a case manager, not an administrator, not anyone. I finally spoke to a receptionist who told me my son was on a van on his way to Phoenix. I asked if I could please speak to someone who was familiar with the situation. Ana she said no. I calked again to ask where the van was dropping him off and was told they did not know. Called again and explained that he does not have a cell phone and was told too bad he will have to borrow one.i have never seen such unprofessional conduct! Fortunately the van driver was kind enough to call me at home. This is an abuse of a person who came there for treatment who was mistreated and denied services when he was vulnerable. Please don’t send anyone to this facility.

  2. Dustin Garner on

    Where to begin? The short of it is that this place is scary, if you want to be overdosed on strong opiates and sedatives and need to have CPR performed on you, then this is your place! You think it’s a great place and then you dig a little deeper and see it for what it is. I’ve been working in the Psych/addiction field for 10+ years now as a nurse. Initially, I would recommend anyone to come here for alcohol, opiate, and benzodiazepine (Xanax, Ativan), now I would recommend ANYWHERE else! The providers are relatively knowledgeable. The Medical Director, Dr. Ditmanson has worked with addicts for a number of years, however, he is not a board certified Psychiatrist (these doctors almost always are the only medical specialty that will touch addiction treatment), and as such receive special fellowships in addiction. Any provider can prescribe Suboxone/Subutex after going to an 8 hour training for it. You need to put your sobriety and life in the hands of someone that is truly trained in this. As far as for treating dual diagnosis (addiction plus a mental disorder), you should go to an inpatient psychiatric unit where actual board certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners work.
    One of their patients recently overdosed by their hands. Three different providers here at Arizona Rehab Campus (ARC) ordered different medications each of which are sedating. Of note, she overdosed on Suboxone (an opiate used to treat opiate addiction) and Clonazepam (long acting Xanax basically) and Seroquel. I was the one who noted her condition even though I was not her nurse. While attempting to get her blood pressure because she was so sedated, she collapsed on the floor and started to lose consciousness. Her breathing got slower and slower, and then it stopped. I could not feel a pulse in her neck. I started CPR in the presence of three other ARC employees. After she was taken to the hospital, I was called into the HR office and was written up for performing inappropriate CPR (if there is such a thing). There are other issues here as well, such as sedating patients while going through opiate withdrawal and giving blank signed prescriptions for nurses to fill out as they will for controlled substances. I will never recommend this place again. Run away!

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