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American Indian Changing Spirits


American Indian Changing SpiritsAmerican Indian Changing Spirits Review

American Indian Changing Spirits is a Southern California-based, non-profit treatment facility for drug and alcohol abuse. While the program is aimed at Native American males 18 and over, it accepts all races and backgrounds. Through a combination of counseling, relapse prevention, 12-step work, cultural activities and even a sweat lodge, the men are able to get their lives back on track. With fees assessed on a sliding scale basis, the program is open to those struggling financially.

Accommodations and Food  

The accommodations are practical rather than fancy with basic lodging that houses two people per room. The rooms feature the necessities including two twin-sized beds and small storage space for clothing and personal items. The facility lounge, just a short walk from the rooms, provides a communal hangout space where clients can relax and watch television. No personal cell phones and laptops are permitted anywhere on the campus.

All meals are cooked on-site and served in the dining hall. Three hearty meals per day are available, in addition to snacks and coffee. The food is served cafeteria style and includes favorites such as beef pie, roasted chicken, pizza, pasta, sandwiches and soups.

Treatment and Staff

Clients who attend this treatment center can participate in a 180-day program, enabling them to fully delve into their addictions. Since detox is not offered, clients must refrain from drug and alcohol use for at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

Over the six-month period, residents have access to 24-hour support in a highly structured environment. One-on-one counseling is provided on a weekly basis and group therapy runs for several hours per day. Group topics include relapse prevention, life skills, anger management, processing and trauma.

In addition to the traditional therapy approach, this facility follows the 12 steps. On-site and off-site AA/NA meetings are offered on a daily basis, allowing clients to connect with the community and obtain sponsorship if they wish. The program also includes alcohol and drug educational groups to educate clients about the nature of addiction.

Native American spirituality permeates the program. A daily morning meditation offers clients the chance to get a healthy start to their days and Native American prayers are given in place of some of the more traditional 12-step prayers.

American Indian Changing Spirits also offers a family program featuring classes on addiction as a disease and family dysfunction, as well as support groups and one individual session with the client.


The grounds provide plenty of room to walk outside during free time. As far as recreation, clients can play basketball on the outdoor court. A weight room offers a couple of stationary machines and free weights and is open every morning and afternoon. Clients are also able to take smoke breaks outdoors.

One of the distinctive features of this facility is its offering of sweat lodges. This Native American ceremony is held in a dome made from natural materials and involves prayers and songs. The sweat lodge also provides an opportunity for natural detox as clients will sweat out tons of toxins during the ceremony.

In Summary

The sliding scale program here offers solid treatment options for those whose treatment is court-ordered or are financially strapped. With the support of an all-male campus and an infusion of Native American spirituality, clients can connect with a higher power as they heal their body and mind.

American Indian Changing Spirits Location

2120 W Williams St, Bldg #1
Long Beach, CA 90810

American Indian Changing Spirits Cost

Sliding scale (180 days). Reach American Indian Changing Spirits by phone at (562) 388-8118. Find American Indian Changing Spirits on Facebook

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