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Amen Clinics was established in 1989 by Dr. Daniel G. Amen, who is a psychiatrist and brain health advocate. The facility uses a specific method that evaluates the specific aspects of one’s life through biological, psychological, social and spiritual assessments to put together a personalized treatment plan to help treat various mental and behavioral health disorders along with addiction. Programming can include medication and supplements, IV treatment, biofeedback, nutritional counseling and therapy. Amen Clinics has a number of locations throughout the country including Southern California and Northern California, Washington, DC, Chicago, Atlanta and New York.

Treatment and Staff

The main approach taken by the Amen Clinics focuses on analyzing and healing the brain. It recognizes that there are six types of brain patterns associated with the disease of addiction. These include compulsive, impulsive, impulsive-compulsive, emotional, anxious and temporal lobe addicts. In order to conclude what type of addict a client is, they perform something known as SPECT imaging to target brain function. This approach is not only beneficial for the client but also the physician in that it’s a pain free way for doctors to get a clear image of what is motivating certain behaviors, and in turn educates and motivates clients to get the treatment they need in terms of medication and therapy, all while lessening the stigma that can surround addiction and other behavioral issues.

There are a variety of therapy services offered through this facility as well. There are individual and group therapy options offered throughout the week. There are also hypnotherapy approaches that are ideal for those who have dealt with trauma or PTSD, or are dealing with anxiety, depression and dependency issues. Therapeutic approaches include CBT, EMDR and DBT.

Additionally, clients may participate in coaching sessions, integrative medicine for health issues like Lyme disease, hormone replacement therapy, ketamine therapy for extreme depression, IV nutrient therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. 

These treatments are provided by a team of psychologists, LPCs, LCSWs, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and mental health therapists.


There are couples and family counseling programs offered at Amen Clinics that not only analyze the talk therapy aspect of treatment but also perform SPECT brain imaging to determine how stress and other experiences may be affecting a relationship.

In Summary

Amen Clinics relies on the science behind the treatment and provides a different take for clients as they see actual physical evidence surrounding their concerns, which not only takes the guess work out of why they are having issues regarding addiction or mental health, but also allows for them to take responsibility for their part of treatment while acknowledging that in some cases, these things were caused by a malfunction and to not feel ashamed. These are cutting edge treatments performed by highly trained professionals to provide their clients with alternative modalities within a safe space.

Amen Clinics Location

Amen Clinics
5901 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd NE, Ste C65
Atlanta, GA 30328

Amen Clinics Cost

Varies per service. Follow up services run between $125-$200. There is a family first payment program that offers discounts. Some insurance may be accepted. Reach Amen Clinics by phone at (888) 288-9834. Find Amen Clinics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

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  1. Veronica De La Vega on

    On this Veterans Day, this Disabled veteran spent the day in crisis and tears because of your employee, Marriah, in the DC (Reston VA) location. She dropped my son from services today because she was offended at my emotional outburst at the news of:
    1) The sudden departure of my son’s provider;
    2) Their failure to successfully submit my son’s INITIAL prescription to the pharmacy at Walter Reed for 6 WEEKS
    3) Marriah said she would not RE-submit the initial pharmacy prescription because the provider quit; but that a medical review would be done for free and then we could pay another $200 to see the new provider to get the prescription. I was outraged that she was asking for more money when the initial treatment plan still had not even been started because the staff clinic kept messing up. My child did not receive the services promised or paid for. To make matters worse Marriah refused to say where we could follow Dr Carter to, and refused to reveal her supervisor.

    When my child’s father found me in the parking lot of the mental health clinic in crisis and crying uncontrollably, he called the office to find out what was happening and Marriah told him that she refused to fill my sons medication and charged me an additional $200 because she was angry at my outburst with her earlier on the phone. So your employee intentionally inflicted extreme emotional distress upon me to take revenge for her petty reasons. She is a liability and is emotionally violent. Moreover, there was NO itemized explanation of what their $4,500 fee covered. He got brain scans and 1 provider visit and maybe spoke with a nurse for follow up but that was it. Effective follow-up could not be done because they never filled the recommended prescription. So they would check in and there would not be much to say cuz he still hadn’t been given the prescription. At the 6 week mark when we saw Dr Carter again, and we informed her that his prescription STILL wasn’t put in, she was shocked but then only said to straighten it out with the front office. Tried to do that, and they pleasantly smiled and nodded, but didn’t get the prescription in. They act nice on the surface, but underneath do not care at all. Then I receive a call a short time later that Dr Carter had suddenly quit. Do Not Come Here. They took our money, treated us like cash cows, and failed to provide treatment.

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