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Ambrosia Treatment Center Singer Island


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The Ambrosia Treatment Center Singer Island facility is a short-term residential substance abuse rehab facility for men and women, most of whom are over the age of 35. As part of the Florida based family of the Ambrosia Treatment Centers, the Singer Island program offers resort-style living facilities and treatment based on the 12-step philosophy. Treatment includes group and individual therapy, psychoeducation, holistic treatments and aftercare options.

Accommodations and Food

The clientele on Singer Island reside in condo-style housing with beautiful beach views. Though the program is co-ed, the living arrangements are not, so the women and men stay in different parts of the facility, in units that accommodate up to four clients. Each double occupancy bedroom is furnished fully with full beds, dressers and ample storage space. Each unit has two large bathrooms with showers, some with tubs as well. There are also living rooms, which have a flat screen television and big couches and chairs. The campus offers laundry facilities, picnic tables, a private pool and on-site gym complete with cardio machines and free weights.

Full kitchens are stocked with snacks and each condo has its own dining room. All of the meals are included during the stay, and are catered daily. The three meals that are served aim to be healthy and nutrition in order to replenish nutrients clients may be lacking prior to their arrival at the facility.

Treatment and Staff

All the programs are individualized to the client’s specific treatment needs which may include a detox period. Though the facility doesn’t have detox capabilities on-site, they refer clients to medical facilities in the area to ensure a comfortable and safe detoxification. Once the client finishes with that process, generally after three to seven days, a personalized program is implemented utilizing evidence-based treatment methods.

Treatment is highly structured, without being overwhelming. There are several group therapy sessions per week that include psychoeducation, relapse prevention and coping skills. There is also one individual session per week where counselors that employ CBT, EMDR or DBT. There are also daily AA meetings that are held both on-site and within the community.

In addition to the therapeutic element of these programs, Ambrosia employs alternative healing methods like acupuncture or massage up to three times a week, and two visits to the chiropractor. For those requiring dual diagnosis support, there are also weekly visits with a staff psychiatrist or nurse for medication management services. The staff at the Singer Island location that includes CADCs, LPCs and 24 hour a day residential staff.


Holistic treatments like art therapy and music therapy are offered every other week. Clients are also given the opportunity to participate in team-building activities at a local ropes course and once a week on-site yoga classes.

Aftercare plans are a focus for every client during treatment and can include referrals to outpatient or sober living facilities.

In Summary

The Ambrosia Treatment Center of Singer Island offers sunshine and resort-style accommodations at a reasonable price, while addressing underlying addiction issues. There is a strong foundation for treatment that doesn’t feel stuffy or forced and a network of support in place even after the clients leave the facility.

Ambrosia Treatment Center Singer Island Location

2626 Lake Dr
Singer Island, FL 33404

Ambrosia Treatment Center Singer Island Cost

$21,000 – $25,000 (30 days.) Some insurance accepted. Reach Ambrosia Treatment Center Singer Island by phone at (561) 721-8800. Find Ambrosia Treatment Center on YouTube and Facebook

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  1. July 27, 2018, I went to Ambrosia treatment center singer island Florida. Saturday there was a client in the pool masturbating and ejaculating in the pool ( client had HIV/AIDES). This was at 2pm, come 10 PM the Director did nothing to reprimand or transfer this client
    Women including myself have experienced sexual trauma in the past. I myself experienced a severe panic attack. Instead of Ambrosia calling the police or taking any action on this sexual predator, they chose to take me away in handcuffs, they made false statements to police to initiate a Baker Act. I was released from JFK Psychiatric hospital due to the fact I was not a harm to others or self.In fact the Psychiatrist told me to leave Ambrosia as it was not a healthy environment for me. Again I was held against my will on Saturday at Ambrosia and again on Sunday and Monday. Ambrosia is not what it appears to be, on the contrary it’s all about the insurance money.
    If you wish to speak with me you may due so through email first. I should add that I have witmesses to this incident.
    What not to expect, the only snacks were cookies, there was no meal served on Sunday except pizza, the A residence was worse than a motel you pay by the hour. There are no Clinical staff onsite on the weekends.The B residence was not too bad, but that is ones own perception. The Detox side is ridiculous as there are no medical staff 24/7, clients are being detoxed off drugs with subutoxe , wrongs doses, the Nursing staff are quite young and inexperienced. I happen to be a Nurse of more than 22 years. The relapse rate is high as clients previously that had been there in the past year are back. So you tell me how this program is successful. Ambrosia is not what it appears to be, maybe some clients had success, but for the most part the center is substandard. The techs try their best, but they are just techs, not nurses, not clinical psychologists.I myself went there for the experience for my Panic Disorder as I do not abuse any drugs. In fact my tox screen was CLEAR.

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