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Alternatives in Treatment


Alternatives in TreatmentAlternatives in Treatment Review

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Alternatives in Treatment is a 34-bed drug and alcohol treatment center that addresses substance abuse with a blend of the 12 steps and a traditional clinical approach. In addition to having a small client-to-staff ratio and a specialization in trauma, the facility is just one mile from the beach and offers a selection of on-site amenities that make the process of recovery a little bit easier.

Accommodations and Food

Clients live in quaint apartments during their 30-day stay. Each one-bedroom apartment houses two at a time and includes a shared bathroom, full kitchen and living room with a flat screen. Clients are free to watch their favorite television shows during free time, but cell phones and laptops are not allowed. The apartments are surrounded by serene gardens and an outdoor seating area where smoking breaks can be taken.

Residents are encouraged to take part in real-world activities—and that includes cooking. Instead of a private chef preparing three meals a day for them, clients are taken on weekly trips to the grocery store during which they can pick out items for the upcoming week’s meals. Back in the comfort of their private apartment, they are able to cook dishes of their choice. For those who get hungry and tired between meals, snacks and coffee can also be kept in the kitchen.

Treatment and Staff

Through 12-step meetings, process work, educational lectures and relapse prevention, clients are able to tackle their substance abuse and mental health issues. They meet with an individual therapist twice a week while attending group therapy for several hours per day. Group topics include 12-step work, relapse prevention, life skills and processing. Attendance at daily AA/NA meetings is required for all clients though sponsorship is optional.

Alternatives in Treatment is also a leading trauma treatment center. From EMDR to CBT, trained therapists work with clients both one-on-one and in groups to heal internal wounds, potentially making the path of long-term sobriety much easier. While detox is not offered on-site, the facility works with two outside detox centers. Clients who are interested in this service can make arrangements before starting their 30-day program.

The staff consists of a mix of nurses, therapists, a visiting psychiatrist and a medical director.


The amenities at Alternatives in Treatment allow residents to live an active lifestyle during treatment. A private pool is open for swimming during free time and the on-site fitness area can be used in the mornings before breakfast. On the weekends, clients who enjoy the sun and sand can take supervised trips to the local beach.

Family work can be done with the client and the individual therapist. Family members are also invited to attend educational lectures and group therapy on family weekends.

In Summary

For those struggling from trauma and PTSD, this program is a great short-term choice. With home-like accommodations, an introduction to the 12 steps and responsive staff, clients can feel safe and supported during their recovery.

Alternatives in Treatment Location

7601 N Federal Hwy, Ste 100B
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Alternatives in Treatment Cost

$17,000 (30 days). Reach Alternatives in Treatment by phone at (877) 503-0850. Find Alternatives in Treatment on Facebook

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