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Alternatives for Better Living is a substance abuse and mental health outpatient treatment facility in Northern California. Its network of locations in the Napa Valley offer treatment for adults and adolescents who are struggling not only with substance abuse but also financial hardship. Alternatives has provided affordable, evidence-based treatment to clients in the Napa region for over 15 years. The facility provides clients a look at underlying causes of addictions, with counseling groups focused on emotional difficulties and family issues.

Executive Director Joni Yacoe  is a licensed MFT whose approach to treatment takes a big-picture view of each individual’s emotional, physical and psychological well-being. ABL’s outpatient treatment program includes an introduction to 12-step basics and an application of faith-based principles.

Treatment and Staff

The first step at ABL is for staff to examine each client’s addiction history and specific recovery needs through assessments and evaluations. Staff develop individualized treatment plans to determine which groups are appropriate for clients to attend. Depending on the individual, various components can be added to treatment such as individual therapy or a greater focus on 12-step principles.

Special counseling groups include relapse prevention, a group for managing emotions and a parenting group that teaches clients to regulate behaviors and emotions within their family unit. Each client is assigned a specific counselor for individual therapy sessions throughout the course of treatment. Counselors also provide case management. Staff take special care to tailor programs to each client’s home and work schedules by offering both evening and day sessions. The frequency and specificity of individual and group therapy depends on each client’s treatment plan. A typical week consists of two or three groups and an individual therapy session, in addition to one drug test. Generally speaking, the average length of treatment for outpatient is six months.

Psychoeducational groups are available for adult men and women as well as adolescents. Groups include drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention, anger management, a Parenting Alternatives group, a Misdemeanor Alternatives Program (MAP) group for adolescents and a Drug Diversion group for DWI/DUI offenders. Staff use CBT and DBT in the Managing Emotions group as well as in individual therapy sessions.

Staff include licensed MFTs, CADACs, certified domestic violence and Nationally Certified Anger Management counselors. Registered interns are also considered staff, gaining knowledge of outpatient treatment through experiential learning.


Staff provide most services in English and Spanish. ABL also offers confidential drug testing for a small fee. Drug testing services are available to family of clients, employers and for outside clients.

Additionally, in accordance with the Napa County Probation Department and the Domestic Violence Court, ABL offers an intervention group for men who have been involved in incidents of domestic violence.

In Summary

The main focus at ABL is to provide clients with education about the how and why of addiction, with the added exposure of 12-step basics to the program. Napa county residents benefit from the accessibility to treatment, with multiple outpatient facilities available in the region. In all, clients can receive affordable and reliable outpatient treatment at Alternatives for Better Living.

Alternatives for Better Living Location

Alternatives for Better Living
701 School St
Napa, CA 94559

Alternatives for Better Living Cost

$440 (30 days). Reach Alternatives for Better Living by phone at (707) 226-1248. Find Alternatives for Better Living on Facebook

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