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Alternatives Addiction Treatment


Alternatives Addiction TreatmentAlternatives Addiction Treatment Review

With three locations in the Los Angeles area, Alternatives Addiction Treatment offers a unique approach to recovery. Created by Dr. Adi Jaffe, Ph.D., and Dr. Marc Kern, Ph.D, the program is based on decades of clinical and research experience specific to addiction management. While most rehabs promote total abstinence, Alternatives Addiction Treatment allows clients to choose their own path—whether it be complete sobriety or drinking in moderation. Looking at the biological and emotional issues behind substance abuse, this facility offers both short- and long-term outpatient services. Its trademarked approach, called Bio-Affective Management™, combines mindfulness, CBTbiofeedback and other methods to retrain the brain. While this program is definitely not traditional, it is a great option for someone who struggles to embrace the 12-step philosophy.

Treatment and Staff

Alternatives Addiction Treatment’s main facility is in Beverly Hills and it also has locations in Orange County and San Fernando Valley. To determine which level of treatment is best, each client undergoes a comprehensive evaluation that includes a thorough psychological, physical and neurophysiological assessment and uses outside referrals, when needed. Detox is not available. The facilities offer a six-day, self-care boot camp, a short-term Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and a six-month, “full recovery” IOP program. Group sizes range between three and 10 clients.

The six-day boot camp is advertised as a prelude to the outpatient programs or a quick reboot into mindfulness for those who have been in treatment before and are still struggling. In this program, clients receive over 30 hours of individual and group therapy, focusing on an introduction to the Bio-Affective Management™ techniques. Clients spend the entire day in treatment, from 9 am until 7 pm for five-and-a-half consecutive days. They attend onsite SMART recovery meetings in the evenings. Nearing the end of the week, a post-treatment plan is mapped out with the client’s individual therapist. The cost for the program is $17,640.

The full recovery option is a six-month IOP program that includes over 100 hours of individual therapy with the client’s primary therapist and an intensive introduction to Bio-Affective Management™. This includes choice-control restructuring, affect-response regulation training, core-issues resolution, CBT, mindfulness, neuro-education and biofeedback. In addition, clients participate in group therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention, wellness training, DBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and SMART recovery meetings. The cost for this program is $57,125.

The short-term intensive option is a condensed two-month version of the full recovery program. Here, Bio-Affective Management™ is introduced and a unique schedule is created for the client, fitting  their lifestyle and time constraints. The first week is intense, with over 30 hours of individual therapy with the client’s primary therapist, in addition to Alternatives Addiction Treatment’s other services. After the first week, therapy is scheduled to suit the client’s needs and other commitments. The cost for this program is $29,325.

The staff includes a third PhD. in addition to the co-founders, who serves as the director of neurocognitive services, two Master’s-level therapists, two Bachelor’s-level therapists (they call themselves mindfulness practitioners), a certified health coach and a nutritional consultant. There are additional support staff who handle administrative, business and technical responsibilities.


Random drug tests and breathalyzers are provided throughout the course of all the programs. For out-of-state clients, the boot camp track includes three additional months of post-graduation support that includes remote breathalyzers and mood monitoring with a therapist via Skype.

In Summary

Alternatives Addiction Treatment provides an alternative for the total-abstinence model of the 12 steps. With a ton of individual attention and a wide variety of evidence-based techniques, this program has a lot to offer. While the idea of learning to drink in moderation may not be for everyone, this recovery method gives clients the option, as long as they can afford it.

Alternatives Addiction Treatment Location

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
822 S Robertson Blvd, Ste 300
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Alternatives Addiction Treatment Cost

$57,125 (6 months). Reach Alternatives Addiction Treatment by phone at (888) 532-9137. Find Alternatives Addiction Treatment on Facebook and Twitter

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