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Based out of Sedona, Arizona, Alternative to Meds Center is a small residential facility that provides short-term detox programs for clients struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues. Unlike many medical detox facilities, the Alternative to Meds Center is, as its name suggests, a holistic facility that avoids medication in favor of holistic, nutritional and psychological treatment methods.

Accommodations and Food

All told, the facility has 18 beds available in private and shared bedrooms. Each room comes with twin beds, dressers, nightstands and basic decor. Beyond the bedrooms, the facility also has common living areas with internet and cable TV, outdoor walking areas, an outdoor pool and a hot tub. Throughout their stay, all residents are served three meals by an on-site chef (with support for various dietary needs available upon request).

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning a program, all clients go through an initial intake and assessment process to help the staff determine their needs and develop their care plans. While the facility does offer medical and psychiatric supervision whenever necessary, programs typically don’t include Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) or extensive medication management.

While all programs differ, treatment typically includes a combination of individual and group therapy including evidence-based counseling practices like CBT and DBT. Other methods include a focus on nutritional care methods such as orthomolecular therapy, neurotransmitter repair, microbiome science and heavy metal chelation therapy. Additionally, clients also attend holistic therapy sessions including yoga, massage, acupuncture and other teachings from Chinese medicine. While 12-step participation is not strictly required, it may be encouraged in some cases.

The staff at Alternative to Meds Center consists of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, life coaches, CADCs, LMHCs and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


As the name of the facility suggests, the organization differs somewhat from other detoxes and rehabs, which focus primarily on alcohol or “street” drugs. In particular, Alternative to Meds Center is mostly dedicated to helping clients who are withdrawing from prescribed psychiatric medications (hence the host of restorative and neurochemically-focused treatment practices). Programs can last between four to eight weeks, with discharge and aftercare planning available upon completion.

In Summary

Overall, Alternative to Meds Center provides a holistic and well-rounded experience for clients who are struggling with psychiatric drug abuse and addiction. While treatment is not particularly focused on psychiatric or medical interventions, it includes a host of holistic, nutritional and exercise-oriented care methods to help participants get their lives back on track. While those dealing with dependencies on street drugs or who need medication as part of their detox may want to seek additional help elsewhere, Alternative to Meds Center remains a strong resource for those dealing with addictions to psychiatric drugs.

Alternative to Meds Center Location

40 Goodrow Ln
Sedona, AZ 86336

Alternative to Meds Center Cost

$60,000 (60 days); varies by insurance strength. Reach Alternative to Meds Center by phone at (800) 301-3753 or by email at [email protected]. Find Alternative to Meds Center on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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  1. ATMC told my friend Tempura that they could help her get off Seroquel and Trazodone. However, they lowered her dose way to fast and when she started heavily withdrawing, they hired a Catholic Priest thinking she had a demon in her! They were completely unaware of the typical symptoms related to withdrawal, and thats when I got a call that they had made a discussion to kick her out, mid withdrawal with no where to go. They refused to give her money back, so she could get the care she needs. They dropped her off in my care and did not tell me the state she was in, the medicine she was on, or anything that happened and I am a former resident that was only released from ATMC 3 months ago. she needed to be put in a higher care facility and it was WAYYY out of line to put her in my care when I am just getting on my feet. I was up with her for days trying to help her and take her to the hospital. I talked to Spectrum healthcare at the hospital, and the guy had to walk out of the hospital room, he was so upset, when he found out it was ANOTHER patient ATMC sent to them. He said ATMC takes people all the time they can’t help, and keeps all there money. He called the center and came back in the room saying that ATMC was not going to give her her money back like we hoped.
    Since then, she has been in limbo, homeless, and going to public mental health centers. she has spent 30,000 dollars to get off 300 mg of saraquel and now is back on a higher dose, and none of the money she payed helped. ATMC refused to talk to me and told me to call the cops on her, or throw her in a mental hospital. She is in a mental hospital now, but they can only keep her for a few days, and then they ship her out to another one, going from doctor to doctor having her medicines and doses switched around and still unable to sleep. She could go home and have the care that she needs, if ATMC hadn’t kicked her out in a fragile place and taken allll of her money. This place is for people who are can mostly take care of themselves, but they are not equipped to help anyone in serious need, so BEWARE.

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