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Located in Tacoma, Washington about 30 miles southwest of Seattle, Al’ta Counseling offers a variety of chemical dependency services including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), drug and alcohol testing services and programs tailored to meet legal obligations. While many of Al’ta’s clients attend treatment as part of a court-mandated program, many clients are self-admitted. Al’ta utilizes evidence-based treatment methods including Motivational Interviewing (MI), CBT12-step principles as well as incorporating Native American treatment recovery models. 

Treatment and Staff

The IOP at Al’ta is fairly standard in nature. Clients attend group and individual therapy sessions in an office building in downtown Tacoma which features a conference room for group sessions and smaller rooms for individual treatment. Clients typically attend three sessions a week conducted by a state-licensed drug and alcohol counselor. Typically this program lasts 12 weeks, though it can be longer or shorter depending on each client’s court mandate. Treatment follows a CBT model and introduces clients to 12-step recovery, though there are no meetings held on-site.

There is no detox offered at Al’ta Counseling, though clients are referred to a nearby facility following their initial assessment if needed. While Al’ta Counseling does offer what it calls “RX Treatment”, this does not refer to a medical team or dual diagnosis support. Instead, it is a policy of helping clients with medication management and acting as a liaison between clients’ primary care physicians and court officials monitoring their progress. There is no medical doctor on staff at Al’ta Counseling, though there are plans to add a medical director in the coming year.

In addition to the group and individual sessions, Al’ta Counseling’s offices also serve as a community center for drug and alcohol screenings, available weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. These tests include urinalysis, breathalyzer tests and a Spice/K2 test for synthetic cannabis. 


In addition to their IOP and drug screening services, Al’ta Counseling services include SAP assessments (an evaluation with a substance abuse professional) for those who require those services through the Department of Transportation (DOT). Typically, clients attend eight to 12 hours of group counseling held on-site at the Al’ta facility.

Al’ta also offers an aftercare program, which consists of one weekly group session at a reduced cost.

In Summary

The program at Al’ta Counseling is a straightforward outpatient program using traditional methods of treatment. Whether attending by court order or of one’s own volition, Al’ta provides care with an introduction to the 12 steps. Though Al’ta has no medical component to their program, potential clients in the Tacoma area seeking basic treatment would still do well by considering this affordable facility.

Al’ta Counseling Location

Al’ta Counseling
702 Broadway, Ste 102
Tacoma, WA 98402

Al’ta Counseling Cost

$2,400 (30 days). Reach Al’ta Counseling by phone at (253) 473-7586 or by email at [email protected]. Find Al’ta Counseling on Facebook

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  1. A relative was refereed to Al’ta to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation to present to the courts. He/she was quoted a price of $60, but when he/she arrived, he/she was told the evaluation actually costs $125. He/she then scheduled the appointment at a later time since the costs was higher than anticipated. At the scheduled appointment, the cost was reduced. It seemed as if the staff was annoyed that he/she was quoted a lower price and even stated that they will be contacting whomever gave that original quote!

    Once the evaluation was done, he/she was told the determination would be sent to he/she’s lawyer to present to the courts. When the court date arrived, the judge had no record of he/she’s evaluation and because of this he/she was sentenced to 6 months of bench probation. It was as if the evaluation never took place and the judge ordered to complete the evaluation for a second time. He/she attempted to contact Al’ta regarding the matter and their staff claimed that the evaluation was being completed at that time and stated a copy would be sent to the lawyer through e-mail. This has not been done as of yet. When he/she called Al’ta to inform them that he/she had not received any notification, the staff was extremely rude. Instead of correcting the matter, the staff said that they did not guarantee that any notification would be mailed.

    DO NOT GO HERE! They will take your money and set you aside.

    I would not recommend their services as it seems to be a scam.

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