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Alliance Health Center is located in Meridian, Mississippi, approximately 90 miles east of Jackson. Founded in 1961, the organization expanded its services to the substance abuse recovery community in 1989 and is now owned by Universal Health Services. It provides detox and stabilization, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for those in need of substance abuse services.

Accommodations and Food

Alliance Health Center offers short-term stabilization and detox on site. Seventeen clients sleep in twin beds and get either a private or shared room on a first-come, first-serve basis.

PHP clients have the option of sober living with Alliance. The facility has 20 rooms available for female clients, who may share rooms with one another, depending on the census. There is a dormitory-style bathroom with multiple stalls and showers and a common living room. Up to 15 men live at another location, a 9,000-square-foot house where they share five bedrooms and bathrooms. They eat their meals at Alliance Health Center.

Clients enjoy meals in the dining room with an elegant chandelier hanging above them. Breakfast items include eggs, bacon and pancakes. Lunch and dinner items include spaghetti, fried chicken, hamburgers and roast beef. Sugar and caffeine are allowed here.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at Alliance Health Center often begins in detox—many clients spend their first seven to 10 days there, receiving dual diagnosis support in addition to medically managed withdrawal.

Once successfully detoxed, clients graduate to the New Leaf Recovery Program. The first stop is often the PHP level of care, where clients are provided with lodging for 30 days or more, depending on an individualized treatment plan. At this level of care, clients have individual and group therapy on a daily basis, five days a week. IOP is a step-down in care. Clients live on their own, coming into the center for group therapy three times a week and individual therapy once a month.

For PHP clients, a typical day starts at 6 am, with meditation following at 6:30 am. There’s a morning walk at 7 am and then breakfast at 7:15. At 7:45 am, clients have an optional cigarette break. By 8:30 am, residents are preparing for a spirituality group at 8:45 am. At 9:45 am, there’s a self-exploration group followed by another break at 10:45 am. Clients then attend an 11 am dual diagnosis group followed by a 12-step study group at 11:45. Lunch is served at 1 pm and an activities group follows. At 3 pm, clients attend an addiction education group. Clients then have another break, then a homework group until dinner around 6 pm. After the final meal of the day, people receive phone time then medication is distributed. Following meds, there’s an AA meeting, or Celebrate Recovery, and one more process group before lights out at 10:30 pm.

Therapists at all levels are trained in CBT and trauma-based therapies. Clients also have access to medical professionals and psychiatrists for the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Mandatory 12-step meetings are held daily and sponsorship is strongly recommended.

Alliance Health Center staff consists of psychiatrists, nurses, mental-health technicians, social workers, therapists and case managers—all of them highly credentialed. For 24/7 care, nurses and mental-health techs are always at the client’s disposal.


For PHP clients, time an the on-site gym is built into the schedule. Alternative therapies include experiential therapies such as art and recreational therapy. There is also a weekly family day including education and group therapy and clients are allowed to have pre-approved visitors on Saturdays from 1 pm to 3 pm.

In Summary

Alliance Health Center offers a residential-like program by combining sober living with a PHP. They also have detox and outpatient services, and clients may receive care even well into that first year of sobriety, since treatment is individualized.

Alliance Health Center Location

5000 Hwy 39 North
Meridian, MS 39301

Alliance Health Center Cost

$6,500 (30 days). Reach Alliance Health Center by phone at (877) 853-3094 or by email. Find Alliance Health Center on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. ummmm never saw any chandeliers (LOL) food was edible not great. There is no walking facility unless you walk in circles around the smokers. Rooms need updating and there are only 3 showers for the whole New Leaf unit. Therapists (Chris and Dwayne) prob need more training they are very arrogant and unapproachable. Met with my therapist once and that was for him to get info. Unit full of sick people and they are unable or unwilling to get the medications which are ordered. I went 18 days with no seizure meds and only one of my two BP meds. Saw only a NP, never saw an actual Dr. When I contracted a severe upper respiratory infection from all the sick people, therapist told me I had a phobia and was not really sick (!). Left after 18 days. I will have to say the groups were very good but if you have insurance please do research and if you have a choice, maybe go somewhere else. Staff talk down to patients and at times are very rude. But PAT, JEFF and KIM are great.

  2. My adult daughter voluntarily entered this facility, at check in she was more than a week drug free.
    Check in at front desk, was routine until she was asked to go through her clothes put whatever was approved into a plastic tub, all of this done in front of everyone coming & going, her things were then given to a male security guard to go through in another room.
    The waiting room is terrible, the furniture could have easily been picked up off the curb, it is filthy.
    Day 2, 24 hrs in, there had been no psychiatrist assessment, only medical dr. who knew she had been clean over a wk, no withdrawal symptoms, just normal sluggish feeling, she was given 8 MG of suboxon, with decreased amount for next 5 days. My daughter nor I understood this logic, since she had already gone through the sickness a week before. Sleeping meds where also given, & she was checked on throughout the night.
    Day 7, she will be moved to the new leaf facility near the detox building, we were under the impression she would be at detox longer, I understand she had physically detoxed, but I would feel better knowing she was being monitored for a longer period..there was no dual diagnosis, which I think if she were seen by a psychiatrist, she may have been. Her mood swings are off the charts, can’t help but wonder if this contributed to drug use. Hopefully this will be examined further at new leaf.

    • Our adult son went through 5 days of detox and was sent to New Leaf..he called about a week later and said the place was infested with bed bugs. We did not believe him but was called by other patients and they confirmed they were also eaten up by them. He got into a confrontation in group therapy about this.HE told them it was hot and the bites were really bothering him. the counselor told him he was to get out of the facility. They threw him out in the rain with none of his medications and none of his clothes. This has been confirmed by several of the patients there. Eight of the patients requested a meeting with front office and was told they would only talk to one of them. When this person went to meet with them he tried to explain the situation and asked for them to look at his face at the bed bug bites. The person in the office told him that he saw his face and would talk to him later. Later he tried to contact them again and was told the person in the office was unavailable.

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