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Aliviane, Inc. works to help people affected by substance abuse at all levels, from intervention to treatment, recovery and prevention. A community driven and minority led non-profit founded in 1970, Aliviane has grown to become what it claims is the most trusted source of treatment services in West Texas. In addition to an opiate withdrawal and online treatment program, there are three locations—one an outpatient program designated solely for adolescents and two residential treatment rehabs. Tigua Women and Children’s Residential Center, or TWCRC, is designated for women with and without children. Inner Resources Residential Center for Men, or IRRCM, is set up for men ages 17 and older who are suffering from substance abuse issues and/or co-occurring disorders.

Accommodations and Food

IRRCM and TWCRC are both located in clinical settings, so much more along the lines of hospitals than houses. TWCRC is actually housed in a former hospital in El Paso. There are a total of 40 beds at this women’s residence, though they are licensed for an additional 17. Rooms are assigned based on whether or not the women are living with children; kids up to the age of 12 can stay with their mothers.

The men’s residence, IRRCM, is in the El Paso suburb of Socorro. They have a total of 20 beds, but are also licensed for many more (54). It is unclear how this plays out; clients are still sharing rooms with one or two others. Beyond the bedrooms there are group meeting rooms. The average age of a client at the men’s residence is 30 and 25 at the women’s.

Clients eat hospital-cafeteria style at both places. Cooks prepare hearty Texas fare three meals a day and clients eat at designated meal times.

Treatment and Staff 

There is no on-site detox at either facility although ambulatory detox is available at Aliviane’s methadone clinic. Intervention and treatment through Aliviane is primarily evidenced-based practices, with the goal of getting to the root of why the client developed a chemical dependency through intensive CBT-based practices, both individually and in a group setting. Building adult life skills, restoring self-confidence and learning to thrive in a sober environment are of paramount focus. Although participation in 12-step meetings is highly encouraged, this is not the driving force of Aliviane’s programming. Group therapy is scheduled every day and individual therapy hours vary from client to client.

There is an outpatient behavioral clinic adjacent to the women’s facility so clients have access to substantial resources for treating co-occurring disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment for men is facilitated on-site alongside addiction counseling. As far as recreational activity, there is a designated daily “wellness hour” at each facility where clients may either exercise individually (running or walking outside) or in the context of group sports like basketball, softball and volleyball.

The primary outpatient location at Aliviane is the aforementioned Behavioral Health Clinic adjacent to the women’s residence. Their expertise is trauma-oriented CBT as well as Integrated Treatment of Complex Trauma. The other outpatient programs for youth and adults have flexible scheduling and are described as ideal for those who struggle with addiction and dual diagnosis.

The staff includes registered nurses, counselors, residential technicians and chefs as well as Master’s-level therapists and specialized addiction counselors. There’s a low staff-to-client ratios with only one or two clients per staff member.


Family programming is a big part of Aliviane’s treatment and counseling. Throughout the literature describing all of their programming, the importance of a solid family presence in the addict’s life is reiterated, both in terms of a preventative measure and as a means to get well. As such, therapy with clients and their loved ones is available with the weekly visitation and a family orientation day is held once a week.

There aren’t a lot of fluffy, glitzy rehab offerings like yoga or acupuncture here but Aliviane actively promotes alcohol and drug free lifestyles in the greater El Paso community. The underlying themes of its programs: strengthening families and building long lasting life skills and high self esteem. The goal is to emulate positive social and family atmospheres in hopes of discouraging even the presence of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

Intervention programs run the gamut as well. They are equipped to assist families with intervening with drug or alcohol dependent mothers, fathers, HIV-positive citizens, homeless veterans and at-risk youth.

In Summary

At Aliviane, Inc. clients receive evidence-based therapy and support from experienced professionals. Aliviane’s goal is to create and foster a drug-free community by building people and families up is commendable. Clients here learn how important their environments are to their sobriety and how much people need to be connected to one another.

Aliviane, Inc. Location

P.O. Box 371710
El Paso, Texas 79937-1710

Aliviane, Inc. Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Aliviane, Inc. by phone at 915-782-4000 or by email at [email protected]. Find Aliviane, Inc. on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Get rid of the shirt blk dude in charge cus he doesnt help addicts with their program he wants to treat them like kids instant prety soon they gonna be walkin with their hands behind the back its not a treatment ctr its acircus so please help get rid of this racist black dude and the dumdass dr with him clean house and get someone that understands and helos addicts to get back on there feet pleade Aliviane get rid if Ugene and thst place will be ok without him noone like him anyway thats sad he thinks hes the big shit there noteven hes just alittle shit thats stinks up the clinic get rid of him sooner the better

  2. I, to, have had a bad experience with the Methadone program at Aliviane. The doctor is stuck in his ways and lets his patients suffer for months before they can get to a dose that keeps them from having withdrawal symptoms. Most of the staff tend to treat the clients like criminals, and I think there are probably human rights violations occurring there daily. If you REALLY want help, and you can afford the much higher prices, you should go to the only other clinic in town, El Paso Methadone Maintenance. The staff and doctor are awesome there. They really understand withdrawal and Methadone and will get you to a stable level of Methadone in a safe, but NOT agonizingly long period of time. Many people choose to go there instead for this reason, even though it’s much more expensive. It’s worth it, if you can afford it.

    • U got that right and the little guy that is in charge is a racist i seen when a hispanic or white mess up he kusks them out the program but a black messes up he tells them not to do it again thsts bullshit he makes the disissions fir the dumb dr we heard it from the councelors no one like him they the big shots at this clinic shiuld get rid of him and hire a hispanic instant or white person fuckin asshole he dont know that when he kicks iut a client for any reason that they need to be detox and he doesnt do that i tell u he makes the last call not the dumbass dr cus something can happen to that person not gettin detox so do us a favir and get rid if that short bakd black dumbass please

  3. I have been a patient at Alliviane’s Methadone program for a few months now, as well as for another period of time, years ago. I’ve also been a client of other Methadone clinics, where I was very successful. My chief complaint is that I’d hard to be successful at Alliviane because the head doctor of the clinic takes much too long to get the patients on a stabilizing dose. I’ve had an agonizing time because I’m waiting MONTHS to get stabilized. This is NOT the usual practice at Methadone clinics. It creates an environment that makes it almost impossible for the client not to relapse. It almost makes the whole point of getting on Methadone pointless. Perhaps someday they’ll get a doctor that understands Methadone and the withdrawal process better.

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