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When considering Alina Lodge for alcohol and drug treatment, prospective clients need to ask themselves if they respond well to rules, regulations and restrictions and want to follow them. If yes, Alina Lodge is a great choice. With over an hour-and-a-half drive from Manhattan, a minimum stay of three to six months (although rumor has it that the average stay is 10 months) and a $13,950 non-refundable deposit, people have to really know that Alina Lodge is the place they want to get sober without really knowing if their program (or living in the woods) suits their needs.

Accommodations and Food

Founded by Geraldine Delaney (aka Mrs. D.), a nutritionist who opened the treatment facility in 1957, the 77-acre rural NJ complex is made up of five houses for 12 residents apiece (same sex, of course). Some of the double occupancy bedrooms have their own bathrooms but most residents share a common hallway restroom.

The food is hearty fare served buffet-style, usually consisting of some combination of chicken, lasagna, salad, soup or a sandwich bar. A huge upside, and in contrast to Alina’s other restrictions, is the reported plethora of desserts that are served after dinner.

Treatment and Staff

There are two main program offered at Alina Lodge: long term residential treatment—for people who have tried to get sober before—and “short term” residential treatment for first-timers, lasting 90 days (minimum). Prior to admission, all clients are required to have a full physical and chemical detox. In addition to the standard 12-step stuff, which includes two weekly in-house AA meetings, Alina offers group therapy and individual therapy, dual diagnosis support, co-dependency counseling, trauma resolution, relapse prevention, family therapy, grief counseling and 24-hour nursing services.

Alina treats alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, gambling addiction, smoking addiction, sexual compulsivity, relationship dependency, spirituality and personality disorders. There’s a strict no smoking and no caffeine-ing policy; residents are urged to manage their feelings the old-fashioned way—through writing. And we do mean actual writing since they also have a no phone and no e-mail policy. Alina enforces a stern no-fraternizing policy as well. Residents are permitted two hours of television time per night.

Even though Mrs. D. has not been with us since 1998, her 40 years of sober blood, sweat and tears still linger on and are acknowledged on a daily basis.


The afternoon has some hours reserved for free time in which clients may exercise by walking (they have a track designated for it) or visiting the gym.

In Summary

Potential clients who subscribe more to the recovery-has-to-be-tough-to-work philosophy will likely respond to Alina’s strict environment but those expecting a cushier experience should probably seek other alternatives.

Alina Lodge Location

61 Ward Rd
Blairstown, NJ 07825

Alina Lodge Cost

$12,450 (30 days adjusted, minimum stay is 90 days). Reach Alina Lodge by phone at (800) 575-6343 or by email at [email protected]. Find Alina Lodge on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr

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  1. William Pasternak on

    Went to alina lodge in 1976.changed my life.Will foever be grateful.kNew Mrs.Delaney well.Saved my life.Not a perfect person but who is.Just one question to you.You haven’t mentioned once about how well you are?WHY

  2. Geraldine Delaney is a whore on

    I could not agree more then with ANONYMOUSADVANTAGE and ANONYMOUS. Its 2018 not 1918. This place should be shut down and the staff given a lethal injection.

  3. I brought my long-term partner to Alina Lodge for a second visit. He had underwent 10.5 months of inpatient treatment previously and was therefore offered a complimentary 30-days of inpatient following his relapse. Having lost his job and insurance, it seemed like the only option and despite my lesser review, we’re very grateful for this opportunity for him to get sober again.

    Alina considers themselves superior to other treatment facilities because they don’t entertain a set period of time before releasing their “students”. Instead, they seek a guarantor who can provide the required $12,700+ per month. In our case, my partner’s father had previously been the guarantor and was quickly contacted upon his admission to re-up a similar commitment.

    Should Alina respond to this post, they will certainly not reveal the legal release my partner was required to sign. To this day, I don’t think I’ll ever see it but let me share the outcome of the rights they obtained by way of this material document.

    I was not allowed to speak to him. In fact, only after 3 – 6 months would I be able to visit him on an authorized family day. Should that lucky day arrive for me, I’d spend the first half of it attending 4 – 6 hours of education.
    The letters we wrote to one another were monitored. He had to open my letters in front of a counselor to validate that there wasn’t any substances or money (also called contraband). The letters he wrote me were postmarked a minimum of 3 days, often a week following his write date. I was also reprimanded for writing him 3 times in a single week and warned that my letters would be “returned to sender” if it was decided to cut me off.
    Prior to sending too many letters – I was contacted by his counselor just 2 weeks following his intake for a few reasons – 1) because I was writing him letters and 2) because he requested I be a part of his treatment (we talked prior to his admittance). The result of our conversation was an invitation for me to come to the Lodge for an “intervention”. I was warned that his would not be a fun conversation with the “student” but necessary for his treatment, especially now that he was sober and could process it better than those pre-treatment. I agreed and trusted their guidance.
    I arrived to merely an interrogation about who I was and what my relationship as a “former” girlfriend to the student was. There was no intention of including the “student”. Jerry, the clinical director, and his counselor informed me that said “student” was never going to return to our home (we’d lived together for years despite our decision to skip marriage). I was asked to pack his belongings, put them in storage and change the locks. Having realized who I was dealing with, I agreed and even sent a letter that confirmed this (I was sure they read his mail and I heard that they sometimes cut loved ones off).
    I learned that previously his family bought into the isolation and shame that Alina uses to treat “repeat offenders”. In that 10.5 months, he had previously not seen or heard from a family member until after 6 months of in-patient stay. And it was then that his father was instructed to visit for a scripted confrontation.
    I learned that upon his previous release he needed to accept a recommended half-way house (more financial commitment btw), which was a good distance from anybody he would need to reconnect with (2 young children, career contacts and even his parents/family). The belief is that a student needs to disassociate with a former life and recreate a new one. Jerry told me that his children would be “very angry” when I asked about this possible repeat.

    If you are looking to put your loved one in a jail-like setting and have them brainwashed by shame and isolation, this is the place. If you believe in a recovery that includes the support and care of loved ones (several modern day treatments are this way), then you will regret sending your addicted family member to Alina Lodge. It isn’t your fault that your loved one is an addict and it should be your decision to stay or leave. Alina will lie to family and students alike to enact “their plan”. And by the way, they will not tell you or the student what their plan is. They will only bill an exhausted family month after month while telling the hopeful student that “they’re not ready”.

    In my research of practical, modern day treatments (in particular those that recover positive parts of the former life), I learned a few things. Inpatient treatments that exceed normal amounts of time (30 – 90 days) don’t help addicts learn to cope in a functioning, practical environment. Building a network that supports a day-to-day lifestyle is something post in-patient and crucial to long-term success. Not a surprise that the best of Alina’s students will struggle only 3 months after release. And their plan to relocate students to far away places that don’t entertain family or career, it adds difficulty to building a supportive life on the outside.

    I’m fortunate that my loved one wanted to succeed, released himself (despite the suggestion of failure) and developed a support network in the real world. We (his family and I) were frightened to take him back without an established alternative plan. But the reality is that we couldn’t talk to him to establish an out patient alternative. We just had to remove him from an unfavorable environment while believing in his character and will to recover.

    Good luck with your loved one and I hope this review helps you make a more informed decision. It doesn’t do me any good to spend time writing such a review but I wish that someone else would have done the same for me.

  4. Gratefulparent on

    Anonymous advantage obviously spent a lot of time and effort on his / her review. However, my experience with Alina Lodge has been completely different and o can’t say strongly enough how this program has helped my daughter and possibly saved her life. Yes, there are rules to follow and consequences if those rules are broken. However , that’s true in life as well. Society has rules and consequences for breaking them. My experience as a parent of a student at Alina Lodge has been positive and has helped my daughter through her recovery and mental and physical health issues. Yes , contact with the “outside world” is limited. We see our daughter once a month for an afternoon and we talk to her counselor every week. She has made tremendous progress and has her life back. We give full credit to Alina Lodge for giving our daughter her life back. Maybe the treatment program isn’t for everyone , but it’s not a cult and not torture but a proven treatment program that can work.

  5. anonymousadvantage on

    This facility is extremely dangerous. Every employee is involved in some way with addictions, including all the so-called “professional” staff and medical doctors. If anyone questions their philosophy in anyway, there will be retaliation. They do not educate; they use cult tactics, manipulation and brainwashing. They use confrontational and domineering tactics. Their doctors have been either sanctioned, penalized or are retired. Just look them up online. Their staff are all addicts and will never be free because they are paranoid addicts who will always work at this place. They shame people, are punitive, rigid and blaming. One of the most damaging tactics used is seclusion. The family will be told that this is for the good of the patient. They will lie and use manipulation to persuade you not to believe this post. Your family member WILL, WITHOUT QUESTION stay at least a year. Another example of their lies: they will state you can have a tour of the facility, but once you arrive with the patient, you will be asked to leave without any tour, without any policy manuals, proof of licensing etc. THIS IS A CULT. They completely control the individual’s communication with the noncult or outside world. This enables domination of the patient. They control all sources of information: radio, TV, newspapers, letters from relatives and close friends are controlled or forbidden. They will tell you letter writing is allowed, but will control and forbid this within days or weeks of being admitted. They will lie about this procedure. Parents are eventually totally excluded from participation. The will lie about this as well. They create a new dependency – on their own program – so that the individual will see them as necessary to their survival. You are allowed only a one hour visit every 3 weeks alone with your family member, if you are lucky. This is a fact. They will definitely lie about this. They over-medicate to sedate the newcomer forcing them to believe that this is in their best interest because they need to “detox” even though the patient does not want or need the medications. Their entire, single purpose is to earn their fees. This is a business. These facilities are not regulated by any government entity, even though they state they are licensed. Try calling the Department of Health and see the run around you will get. Even though they have over 60 beds and treat patients with nurses and physicians, and feed the patients in-house, there is absolutely no safeguard by the Department of Health or any other regulating entity. The only license held by Alina is “pending” and is for educational purposes. The founder Geraldine O. Delaney called herself G.O.D. – her initials. She walked around and used a billy club and a paddle inscribed with GOD. She, herself, was an alcoholic for over half of her life, had no higher education, and has no college degree, even though she stated she went to college. She was divorced several times. She had no formal training relating to professional rehabilitation; accept touting herself because of her experience with her own addictions and several attempts at her own rehab. Folks, you had better do things their way or you will lose your family, all your money and any shot of ever helping your family member to recover, let alone survive and have any chance at living a life free from the Alina cult. Those who have managed to live through the experience at Alina Lodge do not know how sick they are because they have been subjected to the psychological trauma and torture used by Alina Lodge. The Lodge employees are brainwashed themselves and are self-centered, mentally obsessed, and are not qualified to work in this arena as they themselves are eternally affected and sick and need help. This is why Alina’s entire staff consists of addicts. This is a very dangerous place. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. I would never send a loved one to Alina, as prison would be more effective and less damaging emotionally and physically. The propaganda that they advertise is nothing but lies – there is no track, except for an asphalt parking lot. They have good reason to keep visitors away from the actual patient facilities, as they would be abhorred at what they would find. Their methods are archaic, cruel, and ineffective. I would suggest finding a facility where methods have evolved since the 19th century and staff is kept up to date on current professional practices. This is definitely not a place to find recovery.

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