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When considering Alina Lodge for alcohol and drug treatment, prospective clients need to ask themselves if they respond well to rules, regulations and restrictions and want to follow them. If yes, Alina Lodge is a great choice. With over an hour-and-a-half drive from Manhattan, a minimum stay of three to six months (although rumor has it that the average stay is 10 months) and a $13,950 non-refundable deposit, people have to really know that Alina Lodge is the place they want to get sober without really knowing if their program (or living in the woods) suits their needs.

Accommodations and Food

Founded by Geraldine Delaney (aka Mrs. D.), a nutritionist who opened the treatment facility in 1957, the 77-acre rural NJ complex is made up of five houses for 12 residents apiece (same sex, of course). Some of the double occupancy bedrooms have their own bathrooms but most residents share a common hallway restroom.

The food is hearty fare served buffet-style, usually consisting of some combination of chicken, lasagna, salad, soup or a sandwich bar. A huge upside, and in contrast to Alina’s other restrictions, is the reported plethora of desserts that are served after dinner.

Treatment and Staff

There are two main program offered at Alina Lodge: long term residential treatment—for people who have tried to get sober before—and “short term” residential treatment for first-timers, lasting 90 days (minimum). Prior to admission, all clients are required to have a full physical and chemical detox. In addition to the standard 12-step stuff, which includes two weekly in-house AA meetings, Alina offers group therapy and individual therapy, dual diagnosis support, co-dependency counseling, trauma resolution, relapse prevention, family therapy, grief counseling and 24-hour nursing services.

Alina treats alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, gambling addiction, smoking addiction, sexual compulsivity, relationship dependency, spirituality and personality disorders. There’s a strict no smoking and no caffeine-ing policy; residents are urged to manage their feelings the old-fashioned way—through writing. And we do mean actual writing since they also have a no phone and no e-mail policy. Alina enforces a stern no-fraternizing policy as well. Residents are permitted two hours of television time per night.

Even though Mrs. D. has not been with us since 1998, her 40 years of sober blood, sweat and tears still linger on and are acknowledged on a daily basis.


The afternoon has some hours reserved for free time in which clients may exercise by walking (they have a track designated for it) or visiting the gym.

In Summary

Potential clients who subscribe more to the recovery-has-to-be-tough-to-work philosophy will likely respond to Alina’s strict environment but those expecting a cushier experience should probably seek other alternatives.

Alina Lodge Location

61 Ward Rd
Blairstown, NJ 07825

Alina Lodge Cost

$12,450 (30 days adjusted, minimum stay is 90 days). Reach Alina Lodge by phone at (800) 575-6343 or by email at Find Alina Lodge on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr

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