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Aligned Nutrition of Columbus, Ohio was founded in 2009 by dietitian and nutritionist Erica Drewry. Drewry aims to provide men and women with comprehensive wellness plans that emphasize the importance of creating a positive change when it comes to food. Her outpatient facility offers individualized treatment plans, family sessions, nutritional meal planning and one on one counseling sessions. The programs are structured to last for six months and provide guided planning for every level of treatment.

Treatment and Staff

Clients who are seeking treatment through Aligned Nutrition receive an initial assessment with an intake counselor that lasts about an hour and a half. During the screening clients go over their food intake, eating habits and past health concerns, then establish treatment goals.

There are three phases of the comprehensive wellness programs. The first is known as Begin Well, which is the most structured; it consists of regular individual therapy, meal and nutrition planning, meal prep sessions and communication between other healthcare providers. This track is usually for clients who are just entering into an outpatient program and are ready to take it seriously, or for those who have already gone through treatment and need additional support. The next phase is Be Well, which takes the life skills and education acquired during the first step and implements them into everyday life. This is generally a step-down from Begin Well, though some clients may start in this stage depending on their initial assessment. The final step is Live Well, which consists of occasional individual sessions and follow ups with staff.

Other elements of these treatment tracks are “walk and talks” where clients meet their counselor out in nature for a session, or have sessions over meals. In some cases clients are also offered home visits. Clients also have homework and handouts they’re expected to complete for some of the meetings, and work on relapse prevention techniques.

One of the major aspects of treatment at Aligned Nutrition is that the clients and therapists work together on the treatment plans. Along the way, there is open communication and accountability, ensuring that goals are being met at a pace both parties are comfortable with.


In between in person sessions there are frequent email and phone check-ins. There are also options for Skype or Facetime appointments as well.

In Summary

Aligned Nutrition structures programs so that clients feel in control and empowered with their choices. The hope is that they will garner the right skills to make positive and healthy decisions when it comes to their relationship with food. The intensive level of treatment through this facility helps to close the gap between the time one gets out of a residential program and goes into an outpatient track by providing high levels of support throughout the experience.

Aligned Nutrition Location

Aligned Nutrition
4200 Regent St, Ste 200
Columbus, OH 43219

Aligned Nutrition Cost

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