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The Alexander Clinic is a small drug, alcohol and gambling rehab in the countryside of Oldmeldrum, Scotland. Oldmeldrum is a historic town with a present population of about 2,000. Historically, the hamlet has a track record of known battles and events dating back to the 14th century. The terrain is green and hilly, with old buildings gracing the village including nearby Tolquhon Castle. Scotland has a notoriously bad heroin problem, and Alexander is one of the limited number of 12-step based clinics in the country available to tackle the epidemic.

Accommodations and Food

Clients share same-sex rooms during their stay at this 13-resident facility. All rooms are quite small, but some also feature scenic views of the countryside. Alexander’s amenities include simple entertainment room with a TV. There are picnic tables available outside, as well as many acres of green land to take supervised walks on once a week with a therapist; similarly, recreational activities are also limited here.

Food is prepared by two cooks, and everything is homemade. Special needs and allergies can be accommodated for, and portions for lunch or dinner can include fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and various stews.

Treatment and Staff

The Alexander Clinic consists of a six-week, 12-step based program, mostly comprised of one-on-one sessions, group sessions and lectures covering the standard addiction-related topics. Upon arrival (and following an initial assessment), residents undergo a medical detox on-site lasting between seven to 16 days, if needed.

In terms of inpatient treatment, a typical day at the Alexander Clinic might begin with a 7:30 am wake-up followed by breakfast, medication and the first group session at 9:30 am. Clients then attend either more group sessions or a one-on-one session (depending on the day) before lunch at 12:30 pm. After that, residents continue group sessions and may attend a lecture or an on-site AA meeting followed by dinner and tea at 5 pm. Next comes free time where clients can either call home or watch television; lights out is at 11 pm. Residents can’t bring any electronics; they can use the on-site payphone if they’d like to call home, though only after the first week of treatment.

The Alexander Clinic employs a qualified and licensed team of therapists who work under the supervision of a clinical director. They also have a nursing staff who are at the facility 24/7 to attend to the medical needs of their clientele. The staff-to-resident ratio is usually about one-to-two or three during the day, and one-to-five or six overnight.


The Alexander Clinic believes that a full recovery is not possible without help from a client’s family, so family therapy is heavily encouraged. The goal is to change the thought patterns surrounding addiction, and replace them with a network of emotional support.

Their program also offers an extended, secondary care phase on the same grounds but in a separate building. This program has a capacity of 10, and simply continues the work started in the primary care phase but with more time for recreation, such as off-site access to a gym and swimming pool. Alexander suggests a minimum of two years of aftercare participation which can include attending extra one-on-one sessions, group sessions or simply popping in to the facility to say hello.

In Summary

The Alexander Clinic offers sound medical and psychological treatment. Family involvement and a six-week program are both good reasons for exploring the possibility of treatment here.

Alexander Clinic Location

King St.
Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire AB51 OEQ

Alexander Clinic Review

Alexander Clinic Cost: £4332 or $5402 [based on publishing day conversions](30 days). Reach Alexander Clinic by phone at +44 0 (165) 187-2100 or by email at Find Alexander Clinic on Facebook

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