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Aldie Counseling Center


Aldie Counseling CenterAldie Counseling Center Review

Originally started by Philadelphia’s Archdiocese after he inherited the Aldie Mansion in 1960, Aldie Counseling Center was an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility. Since then, it’s gone through many changes, acquisitions and relocations. Today, Aldie is still going strong in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where it is currently the largest outpatient facility in Bucks County. The primary location is a 15,000 square foot building, comprised of three group rooms, a doctor’s office and a nursing station, with a satellite office in neighboring Langhorne.

Treatment and Staff

Aldie Counseling Center believes that recovery has no timeline. Some clients remain in treatment for three years, while others keep coming back for five years or more. Aldie’s program entails an initial bio-psycho-social assessment to determine a client’s needed level of care. Aldie does not have a detox component, but makes referrals. If needed, Aldie suggests methadone and Suboxone for detox.

Clients receive 16 hours of therapy a month, four hours per week. The time is typically parceled out in three group sessions, one individual session, an on-site doctor’s appointment and medication management. Aldie’s methods include dual diagnosis support, CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), solution-based therapies and EMDR. Twelve-step meetings are encouraged, but not pushed as the primary method for sobriety as Aldie supports the notion that there are multiple routes to recovery. Aldie Counseling Center has a peer program, which involves pairing a new client with a mentor who is further along in treatment. It also encourage clients to exercise, believing it expedites and improves the recovery process. The ultimate goal at Aldie Counseling Center is for clients to get all of the services they need: peer support, psychiatric attention, comprehensive treatment and any other crucial resources.

At Aldie, clients typically come in at 8 am, check in, obtain a photo ID card, have on-camera drug screen (if needed), see the doctor, pick up meds at the dispensary and then attend a group at 9 am. At 10 am, clients have a 10-minute break before going into another group. Some simply come in and pick up their meds then leave, while others spend a few hours—it depends on the day of the week. Clients might come in for individual therapy before having three groups the next day and a family session later in the week. Ultimately, it depends on what their individualized treatment entails.

Aldie employs a total of 25 people—12 therapists, three administrators, three assessors, two coordinators and five front desk people. This makes for a staff-to-client ratio of one-to-40 in terms of overall clientele. All core staffers are highly credentialed men and women—mainly female.


Because Aldie is such a strong proponent of loved ones being involved, it sponsors a family event every week in September. Clients and their relatives attend speaker-led discussions on various topics including enabling positive boundaries, medication assistance, family dynamics and understanding co-occurring disorders. It also strongly encourages clients to participate in family therapy.

In addition to its family events, Aldie facilitates volleyball, fishing trips, camping trips, rafting down the Delaware River, bi-annual barbeques and holiday-oriented parties. Aldie offers yoga and meditation sessions using essential oils to manage anxiety and nutrition workshops.

One of the group rooms at Aldie Counseling Center is furnished with a TV, DVD player and speakers. Clients watch educational films, PowerPoint presentations, videos about the Stages of Change recovery model and YouTube bits on the brain. They also listen to auditory 12-step meetings. Should clients be averse to 12-step meetings, staffers refer them to other recovery formats, like SMART Recovery.

In Summary

First and foremost, this is long-term recovery and unlike many other outpatient clinics, Aldie Counseling Center has extensive provisions and forthcoming efforts which make it proactive, unique and diverse. Its mentoring program and myriad extra-curricular activities only heighten the reasons why clients value Aldie’s abundance of resources. For those desiring medication management at a cost-effective price, this facility is a solid choice.

Aldie Counseling Center Location

Aldie Counseling Center
11 Welden Drive
Doylestown, PA 18901

Aldie Counseling Center Cost

$480 (30 days). Reach Aldie Counseling Center by phone at (215) 345-8530 or by email at [email protected]. Find Aldie Counseling Center on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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