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AJ’s Amethyst House


AJ's Amethyst HouseAJ’s Amethyst House Review

Located at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, AJ’s Amethyst House is a somewhat sequestered inpatient rehab for women surrounded by dairy farms, horse ranches and suburbs, all in San Jacinto, California where the daytime temperature doesn’t drop below the low 60s. Though the facility opened only a few years ago, its founders are a married couple who’ve been in AA for many years; AJ’s is their way of giving back to the community.

Accommodations and Food

AJ’s triple-winged facility is comprised of nine guest rooms, one of which has four twin-sized beds while all the others have only two. Bedrooms aren’t clinical or run-of-the-mill; instead, they are intimate and pleasantly decorated, each complete with a dresser, desk and closet. There is on bathroom per wing.

Common areas indoors include a pool table, while outside clients can relax in a landscaped garden, take a swim in the pool or play basketball, volleyball and badminton. The living room also provides a place to relax, with a fireplace that can warm the house on colder nights. While there’s no cable, the living room does have an array of movies and various other videos (though the TV is also used for educational features and discussions).

An in-house chef prepares a wide variety of healthy meals and treats (one specialty includes black-bean brownies), all while educating residents on a proper diet. Lunch and dinner are both served hot daily, with the exception of a continental breakfast of bagels, cinnamon rolls and oatmeal Monday through Friday; on weekends, the chef prepares breakfast hot as well. While sugar isn’t allowed at AJ’s, some caffeine is okay—clients can drink Gatorade, Diet Coke, chamomile and green tea.

Treatment and Staff

Unlike other rehab facilities, AJ’s is specifically designed to deal with women’s issues. Detox is available on a sub-acute basis. Its 12-step-oriented program is comprised of group sessions, one-on-one sessions and family sessions. Drug education, dual-diagnosis support, DBT and CBT are also all available; they don’t have EMDR, but do offer general support for trauma. There are also AA and NA meetings, available both on and off-site.

AJ’s alternative healing methods include meditation and biofeedback; they’re also in the process of implementing yoga into their program. AJ’s is equipped to deal with eating disorders as well as sex and love addiction, though drug addiction is still their main focus. Programming runs six to eight hours a day, generally for 30 days (though residents can stay longer when necessary).

No outside electronics are permitted at AJ’s, though there is a house phone available after an initial seven-day black-out period (generally reserved for calling family). Clients are allotted 15 to 20 minutes for outgoing phone calls, twice a week; family and other approved visitors are welcome to stop by on Sundays.

AJ’s maintains an overall one-to-six staff-to-resident ratio. During daytime hours (until 5 pm) there are four staff on the grounds, whereas from 5 to 11 pm there are only two; overnight staff is limited to just one at a time, but between all employees, around-the-clock assistance is provided. All staff members are highly credentialed and knowledgeable in terms of psychological issues and substance-abuse, with a psychologist, interns, nurses and therapists among them (though no on-site MD).


Three times a week, AJ’s residents exercise in the house or at local gyms (as memberships are included in the price of the program). Other outings include hiking and trips to local convenient stores for provisions. AJ’s program director also works with each woman to ensure they know how to create a resume, apply for a job and do well in an interview. For the most part, though, this program is focused on recovery and working the 12 steps, with only occasional entertainment outings.

In Summary

Those looking for a serious, women’s-only recovery program should consider AJ’s Amethyst House. While they aren’t the fanciest facility on the market, they do work a rigorous program and take a sincere interest in their clients’ well-being.

AJ’s Amethyst House Location

1119 West 7th St
San Jacinto, CA 92582

AJ’s Amethyst House Cost

Call for cost. Reach AJ’s Amethyst House by phone at (951) 654-1089 or by email at AJAH@AJsAmethystHouse.com. Find AJ’s Amethyst House on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest

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