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In Gaelic, the word “aiséirí” means resurrection or new beginnings. In 1983, the first Aiséirí substance abuse treatment center was founded in Cahir, Ireland, by Sister Eileen Fahey of the Sisters of Mercy. It now offers high-quality, 12-step based residential treatment following the Minnesota Model at three secluded locations in Ireland—Cahir and Roxborough for adults and Ballyragget for 15- to 21-year-olds. A transitional housing unit was established in Waterford in 2002, with the aim of providing additional support to clients who have completed a residential program.

Accommodations and Food

Each of the four facilities is a remodeled country house in a secluded, remote location, creating a peaceful and homey environment. There are 12 beds in each of the three inpatient facilities, and nine in the transitional housing unit. Clients are assigned two to a room, with roommates of the same gender. Private rooms may be available if the unit is not full.

At each facility, a team of cooks prepares three meals a day on site. Snacks, coffee and tea are provided.

Treatment and Staff

The Aiséirí facilities welcome all those seeking recovery from addiction. Any concerned individual can make a referral to Aiséirí, including the individual who needs treatment, family members, friends, doctors, counseling services, employers, employee assistance services, social workers and legal professionals. Referral applications can be found and submitted online. Once admitted, clients are offered individualized treatment plans, with programs lasting four weeks for adults and six weeks for adolescents. A six-month residential program is also offered for adults needing extra support in their recovery. Outpatient detox is offered for adult clients in Cahir and Roxborough before entering Aiséirí, while on site, medically-supervised detox is available at the adolescent facility in Ballyragget.

Aiséirí takes a holistic approach to treatment, with individual treatment plans consisting of group therapy, individual therapy, psycho-educational lectures, meditation and yoga. Total abstinence is mandatory, and participation in 12-step groups is required, with meetings held on site at each facility.

Additional therapies and classes can be incorporated into the client’s treatment, as needed. These include psychodrama, creative art, recreational therapy, behavioral therapy, grief therapy, motivational interviewing, social skills, preparation for independent living, and life skills.

A highly structured environment is provided for clients in the transitional housing unit, including 12-step meetings, group therapy and practical workshops.

There are 10 to 12 staff members available at each facility 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, with a slightly reduced number at the Waterford location and on weekends. The staff includes licensed nurse practitioners, counselors, therapists and specialists. Cooks, cleaning and security staff are also on hand. With such a high staff-to-client ratio, residents are guaranteed strong and individualized support.


Each Wednesday is family day at Aiséirí, and an essential part of their program. It entails family counseling and family group sessions. They also offer residential programs for family members of those in treatment or any person whose life is affected by addiction. These programs are run at Aiséirí Cahir and Aiséirí Ballyragget and are available on weekdays and weekends. Clients of the family programs are housed in private rooms, but eat meals with the rest of the residents. This program encourages participants to learn new coping skills through personal growth and spiritual renewal in a safe environment.

Aiséirí also offers residential treatment for problem gamblers and their families. The programs are one-week long and include individual counseling, group therapy and attendance at Gamblers Anonymous meetings. The family program runs Friday to Sunday, and is limited to eight participants. Workshops address the following topics: self-care and self-identity, the wheel of change model for problem gamblers, stress management, debt management, coping with change, identifying gambling triggers, denial and community support.

In Summary

Aiséirí offers a comprehensive and high-quality continuum of care for addicts throughout Ireland. The option of residential support for families can also help create a solid foundation for recovering individuals when they finish treatment and return home. This 12-step based, holistic approach allows clients to establish a strong foundation of sobriety in a peaceful environment.

Aiséirí Cost

Adult center €6,864 Euros ($9,196.58 per publishing day exchange rate, 28 days); adolescent center €16,500 Euros ($22,107.16 per publishing day exchange rate, 42 days). Reach Aiséirí by phone at (country code 011 353) + 0 52 7441166 or by email at [email protected]. Find Aiséirí on Google+

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