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Agape Unlimited is a 30-year old state-supported recovery program in Bremerton, Washington that was a result of one woman’s personal recovery experience. Barbara Day-Max founded the facility in 1985 to share her successful journey with others struggling with substance abuse after overcoming addiction herself.

The facility offers outpatient treatment to men and women recovering from chemical dependency and has two sober living homes for women with children and for those with financial hardship.

Treatment and Staff

Agape Unlimited believes clients in recovery need to be sober not just in body but also in mind and spirit. This holistic view lends itself to providing individualized treatment for each client. There are different program tracks within Agape Unlimited, though many clients start out in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and step down to a less intensive outpatient track. Those in IOP attend group therapy three to four days a week for two to three hours per day. The focus of IOP is to educate clients about addiction as a disease and inform them of its consequences. Other discussion-based groups focus on career development, parenting and gender-specific issues. Although the bulk of therapy at the facility takes place in a group setting, clients also meet privately with a counselor for individual therapy on an as-needed basis.

For women with children, group and one-on-one counseling sessions are available while their children are cared for in Agape’s Child Development Center. These childcare services are provided at no additional cost.

One-on-one counseling continues once clients complete IOP, and their primary counselors help determine which groups are best to continue. Generally this includes a relapse prevention group and a group for pregnant and parenting women. Agape does not provide DBT as part of its therapy regimen, though referrals are available for those in need of specific services for co-occurring disorders.

Agape Unlimited is overseen by a board of community volunteers. The staff of 26 includes trained Chemical Dependency Professionals (CDPs), housing case managers, childcare providers and administrative staff.


In addition to outpatient care, Agape also has several sober living options for clients who have completed primary treatment. The first is the Koinonia Inn, provided exclusively for at-risk women who have lost or are at risk of losing their children. Koinonia Inn provides six beds for mothers and eight for their children. The second facility is called Sisyphus II and is reserved for homeless and chemically dependent clients and families in recovery. There are three levels of independence at Sisyphus II with eight apartments are available for lease to the most independent residents under their own names. There’s also the opportunity to sub-lease one of 14 apartments pre-leased to Agape. Finally, there are two five-bedroom homes owned by Agape which offer group living as the most dependent level of care.

Additionally, Agape Unlimited offers Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) classes and supports the Parent Child Assistance Program. The latter is an evidence-supported, federal research program through the University of Washington that has provided case management for at-risk women during child-bearing years since 1991. Finally, potential clients whose insurance may have lapsed are encouraged to apply for Medicaid, as this covers the complete cost of treatment besides drug testing.

In Summary

Agape Unlimited is a substance abuse recovery program with a range of options which include treatment for young mothers and struggling families. With a continuum of care beginning with basic outpatient care through housing and career development, men, women and young people are ushered through all stages of recovery. While those with co-occurring disorders or who wish to incorporate the 12-steps may be better served elsewhere, Agape Unlimited’s services are holistic, comprehensive and affordable—from outpatient care to sober living.

Agape Unlimited Location

Agape Unlimited
4841 Auto Center Way
Bremerton, WA 98312

Agape Unlimited Cost

Call for cost. Reach Agape Unlimited by phone at (360) 373-1529 or by email at [email protected]

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  1. Alice Gray-Pessolano on

    Barbara Day-Max was did not have a addiction issue, It was after the struggle and recovery of her husband Lee Miller . Who was the co-founder of Agape Unlimited.
    Please revise this review.

  2. Sharron Lawler on

    I’d like to correct your review and ask you to correct this part of your statement about Barbara.. (Barbara Day-Miller/Max) is my mother and I know this story very well..
    Barbara Day-Miller/Max co-founded Agape with her then Husband “Lee Roy Miller” who was Oglala Sioux, Native American. Lee was a imposing, Athletic man that could of been a Olympic swimmer.. but like many Native American Indians he fell pray to Alcohol and became hopelessly addicted.. he lose his job in the Bremerton Naval Ship yard because of his drinking.
    He tried many times to get into programs to stop drinking, but couldn’t afford the cost..
    So once he got sober ( on his own) and with the help of my mother, they married and opened Agape Unlimited to be primarily free for Native Americans.. with a small $6000.00 grant from their church.. it started In the church basement and grew from there until now a hug facility in Auto Cindy Way in Bremerton in the old Bremerton D&V building.
    Unfortunately Lee died from compaction of Diabetes that he contracted from his alcohol abuse..
    this is how Agape got started.. if you want the story from the horses mouth I’ll put you in contact with my mother (Barbara) she is retired now, but she can tell you the true story..
    You can contact me at: [email protected]
    Thank you..

    This is what you have written:
    Barbara Day-Max founded the facility in 1985 to share her successful journey with others struggling with substance abuse after overcoming addiction herself.

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