AfterPartyPod: New Year’s Edition!
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AfterPartyPod: New Year’s Edition!


nysHey so here we are, right? A new year. You guys do resolutions?

In thinking about the episodes I wanted to group together for this post, I figured they should be ones that best demonstrate how much lives can be turned around one day at a time (perhaps one of your resolutions was to forgive cheesiness/cliches?). So I present one episode about a crack-addict-turned-yoga-recovery pioneer and one about a drunk-turned-fittest-man-alive.

Tommy Rosen. The creator of the Recovery 2.0 movement, Tommy Rosen first got on the sugar as a kid. Later the vices turned a bit darker. He got sober but the darkness remained, all of it culminating with him in a guru’s Beverly Hills office in unimaginable physical (and emotional) pain. Now he’s the go-to guy for people who get sober and still find their lives wanting.

Rich Roll. Another guy who got sober and still found himself with a few problems, Roll was turning into a middle-aged slob: overeating, under-exercising, drowning in a law practice. And so he decided to do a cleanse. Well, that led to several Ultraman World Championships and a career as a bestselling author and plant-based nutrition advocate. Roll is inspiration at its finest (seriously—I mean, look at the guy’s photo). (Rosen’s too.) (Let’s call this the #SobrietyisBeautiful entry, k?)

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Anna David is the founder and former CEO/Editor-in-Chief of After Party. She hosts the Light Hustler podcast, formerly known as the AfterPartyPod. She's also the New York Times-bestselling author of the novels Party Girl and Bought and the non-fiction books Reality Matters, Falling For Me, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There and True Tales of Lust and Love. She's written for numerous magazines, including Playboy, Cosmo and Details, and appeared repeatedly on the TV shows Attack of the Show, The Today Show and The Talk, among many others.