AfterPartyPod: Mark Ebner

AfterPartyPod: Mark Ebner


ScientologyAuthor and journalist Mark Ebner puts the F in fearless reporter. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, the guy who took on Scientology has gone on to publish seven books—including the New York Times bestselling Hollywood Interrupted, which he co-wrote with the late Andrew Breitbart. What I didn’t know until he told me (during this interview!) is that, after 23 years sober, he made the choice to start smoking pot. This wasn’t some sudden brainstorm of course but a decision he came to after a scooter accident left him hooked on painkillers and he used medical marijuana to detox. Though this isn’t a common path for anyone who had multiple decades of sobriety (or recommended!), Ebner explains in this interview how he’s able to smoke pot non addictively—and I have no reason to doubt him. Not only do we unpack that fascinating turn of events here but we also get into Narconon (the Scientology “addiction recovery” program), the ways his sober friends have reacted to his pot smoking, how we only see each other as dueling talking heads on shows like E’s Secret Societies of Hollywood (I swear I’m in this even though I’m not in this teaser) and the hell of writing books for a living.

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    • Perfect comment. Right on, thanks for the help sterling!
      I’m speaking Saturday night on Big Book 12 Steps self centered fear and would love to print your comment and use it to describe how a person acts when they lack any courage or strength, like when self reliance fails and they sink back into their void of nothingness emotionally alone and afraid..

      You are right on the money! .
      You read something or see something, even imagine something that is not to your liking because it’s different than what you believe right?

      lol.. actually you think the idea is a form of emotional thievery and when others think differently than you they’re actually stealing from you yeah? too deep? Anyway rather than face life or accept it on it’s many levels you crumble in selfishness and fear. All you can do is lash out at it, yell at it, belittle it, hit it, whatever it takes to control it. If you can make a big enough noise to overcome it you win. Sterling wins! There is power in your anger, anger comes from fear..Self esteem is high when everybody is wrong except you. Good stuff, anyway thanks for the demonstration of self centered fear.

      Leading with the c word? f-bomb, caps? Obviously you read the Pod and came completely unglued. You can’t make this stuff up! Thanks again! You’re awesome!

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