AfterPartyPod: Jimmy Pardo

AfterPartyPod: Jimmy Pardo


jimmy pardoStand-up comedian, actor and podcasting pioneer/Never Not Funny host Jimmy Pardo was my most recent guest on AfterPartyPod. Now, anyone familiar with podcasts at all is probably familiar with Pardo: he’s been on everything from Ronna & Beverly to Comedy Bang Bang to the Mental Illness Happy Hour to Walking The Room and, as advertised in his very own podcast name, really is never not funny. He also hasn’t had a drink in over 15 years—and makes a good case for why he stopped.

While he didn’t do drugs or really drink when he was younger—”I would get drunk every six months or so”—he started boozing it up while on the road as a comic starting in 1993 and continuing until 1999. This, he said, had its positive points—such as the fact that he could avoid Pearl Jam and Nirvana and En Vogue. When friends, including comedian Paul Gilmartin, mentioned that they thought he could cut back, he advised them to mind their own business. But Pardo considers himself a former drunk, not an alcoholic.

Listen to it all yourself, AfterPartyChatters, by clicking here. And if you enjoy the podcast, by all means give it as many stars and positive reviews on Itunes as you can muster.

See the Pardo podcast teaser video here. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Pardo; used with permission.


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  1. Jaqob Jackson on

    Three cheers for your podcast and new YouTube channel Anna. This warms my heart. You’re truly a heartwarmer.

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