AfterPartyPod: Jeff Kober
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AfterPartyPod: Jeff Kober



Unless you have never turned on a television in your entire life, you are familiar with Jeff Kober‘s face. That was him on China Beach; also him on Criminal Minds, The Cleaner, ER, Buffy and Star Trek. Did we mention Falcon Crest, X Files, Walker, Texas Ranger, Charmed, JAG, Crossing Jordan, Law and Order or NYPD Blue? No? That’s because, perhaps, we were trying to talk about Lost, CSI, The New Girl or Sons of Anarchy. There’s a lot to talk about is our point. And yet that’s not, really, what we talked to him about on this week’s AfterPartyPod. No, the topics we got to with Kober concerned, in broad strokes, his having grown up on a farm in Montana, his predilection for ether huffing in college (which kept the ladies—and, er, everyone—a few feet away), his revelation that landing his first big movie role couldn’t heal what ailed him, his “dry out” few days in San Diego and the way he ultimately came to peace. These ways include both sobriety and Vedic Meditation, a practice he now teaches all over the world. He is also a writer and photographer—both talents you can be privy to if you sign up for the daily thought newsletter on his site.

As always, AfterPartyPod is a weekly podcast featuring an actor/writer/comedian discussing the role addiction (and recovery) has played in their lives. The theme song is written by Seth Rothschild, performed by the Patients and administered by BMG Chrysalis. Apple peeps can download the pod from the Apple Store while non-Apples can get it here. If you like—hell, even if you just listen to—the podcast, by all means share your enthusiasm on the Itunes page (clicking 5 stars takes less than a second, folks). This will help more people discover it and, um, join the AfterParty.

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Anna David is the founder and former CEO/Editor-in-Chief of After Party. She hosts the Light Hustler podcast, formerly known as the AfterPartyPod. She's also the New York Times-bestselling author of the novels Party Girl and Bought and the non-fiction books Reality Matters, Falling For Me, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There and True Tales of Lust and Love. She's written for numerous magazines, including Playboy, Cosmo and Details, and appeared repeatedly on the TV shows Attack of the Show, The Today Show and The Talk, among many others.