AfterPartyPod: Danielle Stewart

AfterPartyPod: Danielle Stewart


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Comedian Danielle Stewart will say anything any time, anywhere. And so our conversation covered addiction, yes, but also jealousy, hope, Facebook, sex addiction and more. There was also a detour made into what Stewart means when she says she’s been “dickmatized” and a crazy, IM-fueled affair she had with a coworker. Arguably NSFW or the conservative. Listen to Danielle’s episode here; download previous episodes here.

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  1. I liked listening to Danielle’s story and want to thank her for sharing it. It’s inpiring and interesting. If I could ignore even a few of the times Anna says, “right” it would’ve made listening a lot more enjoyable. Anna appears to be overly eager, agrees with anything Danielle utters and reminds me of a puppy trying desperately to be loved. I cannot relate to that, it’s tortorous to listen to.

  2. This was just fantastic. I can so relate with all of this, especially the dynamics in relationships. I also get the whole thing about having to have faith….I cannot deal with just hope either, if that’s all there is what’s the point….is my thinking on the subject. There has to be a result! I guess it’s the same as not being able to have just one drink…like what’s the point….where does one drink get you…has to be all or nothing.

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