AfterPartyPod: Amanda Fletcher

AfterPartyPod: Amanda Fletcher


amandaWriter Amanda Fletcher is more than just a sober warrior. A breast cancer survivor who also manages to remain cheerful about having broken her neck and worn a cervical halo for four months, Fletcher is a brilliant and hilarious writer who has also been a crucial part of the AfterParty editorial team. In addition to being a 2012 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow, Fletcher is breathwork practitioner who teaches writing in the recovery community, was a flash fiction finalist for the Orlando Prize and has performed for Tongue and Groove, the Dirty Laundry Lit and Roar Shack reading series. Sorry, not done here. Her writing has appeared in The Writer’s Tribe Review and The Orange County Register as well as on this very site. And hey—as part of a new format we’re trying out for the podcast, our last guest, fellow AfterParty writer Tracy Chabala, joined us for a three-way conversation. In this episode, we discuss being hung over from nights of over sharing, getting hooked on meth and whether or not we all get what we deserve, among many other topics.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to this podcast. Three amazing women who I would love to have for friends. I’ve been clean/sober for 28 years without AA, so find the strong connection with AA in all the podcasts interesting as I felt it was not right for me as a woman (I was living in Montana when I got sober!). And I also support people finding and using a program that works for them. It doesn’t matter how you get there, it just matters that you do!
    I like the 3 way conversation of this podcast, each of you have such compelling stories to share, it moves quickly, makes me laugh, and makes me think too. Congrats to all for sobriety and the willingness to talk about it.

  2. Kevin Whiteley on

    I often instigated fights whilst drunk–I never remembered them the next day. I was once told the highlights of my brutally beating a homeless man who crashed a party I was at. (I can’t even imagine doing that stuff today.)

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