AfterPartyAnswers: What's the Best Way to Detox Off Opiates?

AfterPartyAnswers: What’s the Best Way to Detox Off Opiates?


best-way-to-detoxOver here at AfterParty, we receive an onslaught of questions from people about addiction and recovery. And well, our video series AfterParty Answers gives us an opportunity to address them. In this episode, Anna David and Danielle Stewart answer a reader’s question about switching addictions.

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The question, in short, is this: what’s the best way to detox off of opiates? While this is somewhat controversial territory that the girls have ventured into before, they (mostly) steer clear of the whole Suboxone conversation and instead focus on this thoroughly disgusting thing Danielle wrote about where opiate addicts ingest large amounts of Imodium AD in place of methadone. Anna and Danielle then get a bit side tracked by Anna’s discomfort in discussing (and admitting to) bodily functions, the Trainspotting scene where Renton sees the baby crawling on the ceiling and the way Danielle pronounces the word “withdrawal.”

If you want their complete answer, check out the vid. While the girls aren’t in any way medical professions (emphasis on “aren’t in any way medical professionals”), they are sober folks who have not only grappled with some of the issues being asked about but have also written scads of articles for this very site on them. Tune in every month to see what you, our faithful readers, want to know.

Want to see all of our AfterParty Answers videos? Good news! You can simply click here! You can also submit your questions for future episodes here.


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  1. Last post…Time to move on.

    As long as I’m high I can do all the things other people can do. But I’m not high, what now? Cut and paste my new sober identity..Be a pepper? Another internet cover band? I can’t.

    Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. Most like myself know a complete opiate system flush is needed every few months or years. This can be the worst of times for sure.

    Something’s wrong man, you brush your teeth every day twice and they’re still falling out? You blame the dentist but know it’s really the dope. That point where even high? My mind won’t stop racing creating endless unresolved issues.. I can no longer physically do enough dope to shut it down. You know, the jumping point where you feel the need to kill yourself at anytime for any reason because everything you think and do is horrifying. Even the happiest memory is contaminated with self centered fear. You are there, you are everything bad and you were there. There is nothing good about you…no, nothing good about you and you are in all thought. More booze and dope.

    Give me more booze and dope. It was here I first saw the alcohol and drugs as a symptom of underlying causes. Hey..for me? I was tattooed, It filled a space in time to this day. I could see just enough. I myself was and is the problem…………………………………………………………..

    Opiates have always been my drug. I’ve never been a coke freak or meth head, speed demon. Not even weed or acid, PCP, glue, maybe old school valium before the zanax?…nope. Opiates and Alcohol. That’s my make up. That’s who I am mentally and physically. I have never been grounded. I am always more or less out of control……………………………………………………..

    Now I have passed out many times and come close to room temperature but always came back, woke up to a new day as a completely insane person in full flight from reality ready as if I had no option to do it again. I think that’s what drew me to Bill W’s early writings. That dude could go deep and come back to tell the story od hopelessness and despair, my story. I found security there or… hope. Maybe there really was somebody out there as whacked out of their freaken mind as I was…………………………………………………….

    I found this emotional security I had lacked in the Big Book 12 Steps .Like they say, you never have to be alone again. So I found my place among the other piles of random self addressed junk mail. Societies misfits. The sick bastards, losers and thieves really, in that order. Those like myself who could no longer steal their needed emotional security from others and were now just well, losers. The paranoia, they were all right about me. I was a failure and would never amount to anything…………..

    So, I lost my dope connection, I haven’t had anything for maybe 12 hours. My sinus’s are loosening up nose I dripping, seemingly flowing clear liquid. I wonder where it is coming from? Is my head full of snot water? I just had a burst of cold rush through me but it’s actually warm out. I know it’s a matter of time. I get ready. I have my bottle of Smirnoff blue and a place to hide for a few days. It’s a converted industrial building with a bed, a couple of sleeping bags and TV with lots of movies cd’s, water.. Perfect place to kick…………………………………………….

    My intestines are getting weak. I get up to go and feel as if I am up to my neck in water as I move to the toilet. I’m losing the last of my energy. My body is now in opiate withdrawal. I crack open the booze and start pounding it as fast as I can. I’d love to drink the quart but that’s impossible, I get maybe half down, not sure. I am anesthetized now. I my have soiled myself but it’s probably just water and I can nolonger get up anyway so I lay there. I am listening to a movie play over and over. I drift in and out, it’s dark, it’s light. I hear movement outside then long periods of quiet…………………………………………………….

    I wake in terrible pain not sure when and struggle to the toilet. Fresh blood pours out of me with pain like I am sure I’ve never felt. I think I actually screamed in pain for atleast 5 minutes, maybe an hour I don’t know.. I drank too much 100 proof Vodka and burned something I assume. My stomach? maybe my intestinal track? I am full on sick now and in a full dripping sweat from the withdrawal and the pain.. The sleeping bag is cold and wet. Nothing I can do about it..I tell myself I can live through this, I can live through this.. I can live through this.. I am out again for what seems like another day and night……………………………………………..

    It was three days and nights of some kind of drunken coma and then I was awake again. My head pounded mercilessly. My body was a disgusting mess. My mind was somewhat intact I thought. I changed the sleeping bag, put in a movie and tried to shower. My body shook under the water. The water was warm but it may as well be ice. I jumped out of the shower and back under the new bag in bed. That was too freaken soon. I froze and shook for a long while and finally stopped but my body was like one big muscle spasm. I was in such a tense ball that it hurt………………………………………

    My stomach ached, I hadn’t ingested anything but the alcohol and a few attempts at drinking water in a few days now. My hands and feet were frozen nomatter how I kept them covered. My face was now beginning to feel. Numbness, tingling mouth and cheeks. I felt like my head was trying to find a connection it could operate on. In and out sometimes bits of clarity. Fear and guilt, shame always. What am I? What have I done? I’ve been married, had kids, beautiful women, good people. I’ve ruined people lives! I must keep going, I’ve come this far. No I can’t do it anymore..just make the call, call your aunt who just had foot surgery and tell her you fell and does she have anything for bad pain? She’d understand yeah. No I haven’t even seen her for years….She hurt her foot years ago…Try and get your script filled again? Yeah! No..That bag o shite pharmacist gives me a hard time even when I’m legal. Plus I could never make it down there right now. OK..OK just forget that..Back to sleep for another maybe day and night……………………………

    I’m awake and a bit restless, it’s about 3 am. I decide to get up and have some dry cereal. O man this is good stuff. Captain Crunch is awesome. really stale but awesome. Sugar, yeah baby sugar! I look closely and nothing’ moving in the box. I have no idea where it came from but tell myself I’m going to eat Captain Crunch every day sober from here on out. I remember how in reform school I dreamed for a milky way bar..I’m all over the place…I get a big idea to go outside. It’s dark and I walk out the door. My truck is still here.. great..I stand there and stare up at the sky. I am really shaky man but it’s basically over. My butt I raw, I’m still vibrating and getting bursts of cold and clammy and hot and sweaty. The roof of my mouth is all scratched up from the Captain Crunch but I’m sober. I’ve been alcohol and drug free for a couple of days. I stand there in disbelief………………………..

    Money, job, responsibility, I’m at a complete loss but I am sober and there’s a feeling of strength that comes with it. I am thinking maybe it’s alright to get back to meetings? I find some cigarettes in my truck. Oh yeah, that tastes good. Cigarettes. I get a flash and thing I should just go ahead and quit them too right now? No.. Forget that. I’ll wait until I get icepick pains in my chest or they get up to 4 bucks a pack. Then I’ll quit. I chain smoke a few and stop as if I have control over them. Whatever…Hey! I made it. I am intact and I kicked. I was doing oral time release morphine, snorting any opiate I could get with a heroin filler everyday for years really, long time this time…..I mean I still feel like shite and it would be many months before I have any real energy but I did it! I think wow! That was a close one, wonder how many lives I have left? No booze and no dope. I feel as I am somebody. I come and I go, I have my life back.. Wonder how long I’ll keep it this time..

    I lasted about a year I think and it was back to the dope. Never to be as bad as that time but still just a complete mess of a human being. I had become aware of my guilt and shame. I came to terms with much of it and never had to shut myself down again.. That was 33 years ago at this writing.

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