AfterParty Answers: Will Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?
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AfterParty Answers: Will Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?


AfterPartyOver here at AfterParty, we receive an onslaught of questions from people about addiction and recovery. And well, our new video series AfterParty Answers gives us an opportunity to address them. In this episode, Anna David and Danielle Stewart reach into the AfterParty archives to answer a reader’s question about vaping.

Make all the jokes you want about vaping (we sure do) (then again, we quit smoking before vaping became a thing so it’s easy for us). In short, it looks ridiculous. But how dangerous is it? Can it help someone quit smoking? And is puffing on the old cancer sticks ultimately better?

One thing is certain: vaping ain’t as safe as many soul patched e-cig smokers might make you want to believe. As we wrote in January of 2015, when you inhale from electronic cigarettes at high temperatures, a noxious amount of formaldehyde—more than what a regular cigarette produces—can enter your lungs. And there have been a string of e-cigarette and vaping freak accidents, like the ones we wrote about in December of 2015—say the guy in Colorado whose e-cig apparatus blew up in his face and the Riverside County woman who pulled in over $1.8 mill when her e-cigarette began leaking battery fluid and then caught fire.

All that being said, sure, vaping could help you quit smoking. But so could Chantix, hypnosis and, well, just quitting smoking. If you’re looking for the safest and/or smartest way to go, we’re going to go with door number three.

Of course this is a complicated question so for a longer answer, check out out this vid. While we aren’t in any way medical professions (emphasis on “aren’t in any way medical professionals”), we are sober folks who have not only grappled with some of the issues being asked about but have also written scads of articles for this very site on them. Tune in every Wednesday to see what you, our faithful readers, want to know.

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