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Aftercare Services, Inc.


Aftercare Services, Inc.Aftercare Services, Inc. Review

Since 1991, Aftercare Services Inc has been providing mental health and substance abuse treatment to adolescents and adults living in East Boston, Massachusetts. This outpatient facility is located in a predominantly Latino neighborhood and bilingual services are available to accommodate Spanish speakers. Treatment methods include evidence-based modalities applied during individual therapy. There is also a psychiatrist that provides medication management and dual diagnosis support for those with co-occurring disorders.

Treatment and Staff

Aftercare Services is strictly outpatient, treating all clients on an individual basis. The first step is to complete a 90-minute evaluation with an intake specialist. During the assessment, they are asked to provide personal information about their history with substance abuse and their goals for treatment. Afterwards, they are assigned individual therapists who best suit their needs. Typically counselors like to meet with clients a few times before creating an individualized treatment plan with them. Each plan varies, though they generally consist of meeting for therapy twice a week in hour-long sessions. Clients are offered psychiatric medication management by a psychiatrist who comes to the facility on the first, third and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Treatment at Aftercare Services aims to identity the underlying emotional and mental health issues that lead to substance abuse. Through individual sessions, counselors teach clients coping skills with a focus on relapse prevention, the addiction as disease model, depression, anger management and stress management. Though 12-step involvement is not mandatory, directories for local group meetings are available upon request.

For adolescents in treatment, counselors usually require family involvement on a monthly basis. Aside from this difference, adolescents work with a counselor who specializes in treating those in their age group. Although topics vary, childhood trauma, bullying and school related stress or anxiety are all commonly discussed. Regardless, all counselors use a traditional talk therapy approach as well as techniques like CBT and DBT during sessions. 

The treatment team at AFI consists of eight experienced counselors, most of whom are LADCs and others who are LPCs. Two of the eight counselors can offer Spanish-speaking services for those in need, and there is also a visiting psychiatrist.


For those interested, family and couples therapy sessions are also available, during which family members or spouses are invited into therapy sessions with clients.

In Summary

At Aftercare Services, Inc., adolescents and adults in East Boston are offered individualized treatment to properly address their mental health and addiction issues. Though it is a small facility, it comes staffed with a qualified group of counselors who offer a range of evidence-based therapies and dual diagnosis support. In all, Aftercare Services, Inc. is a solid resource for local clients.

Aftercare Services, Inc. Location

Aftercare Services, Inc.
2 Lexington St # 1
East Boston, MA 02128

Aftercare Services, Inc. Cost

$90 (assessment); $75 (per session). Reach Aftercare Services, Inc. by phone at (617) 569-4561.

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