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Aetna Addiction Treatment

Aetna Addiction Treatment

The goal of health insurance is to allow you to get the help you need when you need it. That is not the case with all insurance plans, however; especially when it comes to drug detoxification and addiction treatment facilities. It is good to know a little about what the insurance company will and will not pay for when shopping for addiction treatment centers. Aetna is a good choice for those who face addiction.

Top Notch Support

Aetna addiction recovery is a comprehensive program that enables you to find the level of help necessary. The support system at Aetna addiction recovery allows you to look for the right service day or night. You can pick up the phone and contact a company representative who is both knowledgeable about the available addiction treatment facilities and discreet.

Specialty Treatment Options

Though Aetna addiction recovery, you have access to a variety of rehabilitation centers in multiple states. Aetna offers entry into some of the better addiction treatment facilities, as well. You can tackle your addiction in comfort at luxury centers with full amenities.

Aetna Covers both In and Outpatient Services

One of the most critical care decisions to make is whether to opt for an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Aetna addiction recovery covers both options, based on your needs and the recommendations of your healthcare providers.

What to Expect from Aetna Addiction Recovery

The company’s current plan utilizes both private therapy and 12-step programs to treat addiction. The length of coverage depends on the plan you have with Aetna, but the important thing to know is they will help you through this difficult time and give you access to tools that promote recovery.

Verifying Your Coverage

With any insurance company, including Aetna, it is important to verify the coverage and find out which addiction treatment centers they partner with. At Aetna addiction recovery, this information is available in the Summary of Benefits books. If you do not have a Summary of Benefits book, your employer can provide one. If you have an individual plan, known as Aetna Advantage, Member Services will send you a book upon request.

Your copay information is also listed on your Member ID card. You can contact an Aetna representative on the phone or send an e-mail to Member Services with your questions.

In general, Aetna recovery services offer an array of benefits, depending on your plan and will help you find the right combination to meet your needs.