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Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC Review

Since 1998, Aegis Treatment Centers has been providing outpatient substance abuse treatment to people struggling with opiate addiction and it’s grown to encompass 25 facilities throughout California. Utilizing a harm reduction model of treatment, Aegis helps clients transition from the grips of powerful opiates like heroin and Oxycontin to replacement drugs like methadone and Suboxone. With over 6,500 clients a day served, Aegis has become one of the largest network of treatment facilities in the country.

Treatment and Staff

The Aegis Model of treatment consists of eight areas of focus designed to address several aspects of a client’s life as it relates to substance abuse: case management and ongoing evaluation of care, medication management and medical care, individual therapy and group counseling, support groups, educational classes, social work and community resources, as well as crisis intervention.

For all clients, treatment begins with a medical exam and psychological assessment so that an individualized treatment plan can be created. Once this in place, progress is regularly monitored to make sure clients are responding well to treatment and staying on track.

Since Aegis focuses only on opiate addiction (a minimum of one year of abuse required for admission), detox is a crucial part of the process. Unlike most traditional detox programs that last three to seven days, Aegis offers more gradual options: a rapid, methadone-based 21-day program best suited for clients who are new to treatment or a longer, 180-day program, which often yields a higher success rate for those who have tried detox in the past but have yet to experience Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). The goal of both programs is to wean clients completely off all opiate medication by the completion of their treatment.

Once a detox program is in place, clients begin either a short-term (six to 18 months) or extended maintenance (18 months or longer) evidence-based treatment plan comprised of CBT individual counseling, group therapy, dual diagnosis support, educational classes and Aegis’ Keys to Recovery (K2R) Support Groups—which cover addiction-related topics such as stress, anxiety, relapse and Hepatitis C. The short-term plan is designed for clients who are new to treatment or have been abusing opiates for a shorter period of time while the extended maintenance is geared toward chronic relapsers or those who have been addicted to opiates for many years. Both treatment tracks are intended to happen concurrently with detox.

The staff at all Aegis varies in credentials and size depending on the location but mainly consists of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, LCSWs, LADCs and MFTs. Doctors are available one to three times a week in-house and on call at all times. Psychiatric services are available on a referral basis. Aegis also has an internship and training program with 35 academic institutions including University of Southern California (USC), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Davis (UCD) and Santa Barbara (UCSB), California State University Chino (CSUC), Fresno (CSUF) and Bakersfield (CSUB), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Pomona, as well as Pepperdine and Loma Linda University.


Beyond addiction treatment, Aegis’ social workers offer specialized case management tailored to clients needing assistance with vocational rehab, community resources, the correctional/judicial system and family relationships.

The Aegis treatment team also conducts regular meetings with their clients to determine whether crisis intervention or relapse prevention support need to be implemented.

In Summary

For those based in California and open to replacement therapy, the convenience of Aegis’ multiple locations and the security of their structured, evidence-based treatment plans make them a good option for outpatient care for those struggling with opiate addiction. Aegis also offers liberal payment arrangements, accepting Kaiser Permanente and Medi-Cal insurance, as well as self-paying options based on income.

Aegis Treatment Centers Location

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 Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC Cost

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