Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago
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Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago


Adolescent Treatment Center of WinnebagoAdolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago Review

The Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago was founded in 1982 in Winnebago, Minnesota. Operating under the umbrella of the United Hospital District in southern Minnesota, the facility offers residential treatment to adolescent clients between the ages of 12 and 18.

Accommodations and Food

Winnebago’s campus sits on a green-grassed estate and the primary building resembles a large mess hall.

The residential facility houses up to 16 clients at a time and maintains a mixture of both single and double rooms. The boys and girls are separated into different wings of the building. The double rooms are split in half with a twin bed on each side of the room. In both the single and double rooms, each resident has his or her own closet and each room has its own adjoining bathroom.

The facility has a multipurpose gymnasium where residents work out nightly. Clients also have access to a foosball, basketball and volleyball court, as well as a Wii system, designated for certain times only.  Additionally, there is a playroom with several board games available for client use during recreational times. Winnebago permits TV watching on the weekends, assuming clients are behaving appropriately during the week.

Winnebago has strict wardrobe rules including prohibiting residents from wearing pajama bottoms for pants, clothing with band logos, muscle shirts or shirts with a low neckline and/or exposed midriff.

Residents are not allowed to have cell phones or any type of MP3 player, radio or gaming system while participating in the the residential program. Winnebago also prohibits residents from bringing leisure books to the facility but has a library available for clients’ use.

Residents are served three meals a day and all of the meals are prepared in-house by a small staff of chefs. The meals are geared toward the adolescent palate so options usually include pizza, chicken tenders and/or fruits and desserts. The cafeteria has a full salad bar and sandwich ingredients available all day.

Treatment and Staff

The first step in the intake process is an hour-long assessment in which a counselor interviews the potential client and determines if he or she is a good fit for the Winnebago program. Individuals in need of detox are referred to an outside provider, as Winnebago does not have detox capabilities on-site.

The residential program lasts for 30 to 40 days based on the needs of the client. They can expect both group and individual therapy as well as psychoeducation.

Clients wake up every morning at 6:30 AM and begin their days with breakfast and meditation. Following meditation, clients have two hours of academic work followed by two separate one-hour group meetings. In the afternoons, clients have more academic work and a family session followed by another group meeting. After dinner, clients attend an outside 12-step meeting and then have a group meeting based around the 10th step. Individual meetings are available when the client requests them.

The group counseling is based on the 12-steps so counselors usually build their outside assignments around that. They utilize both relapse prevention and CBT in the group meetings. With the exception of a couple gender-specific groups, most of the group meetings are co-ed.

During the academic school year, residents are required to attend two hours of age-appropriate, general schooling per day. These classes are lead by licensed teachers and follow state-mandated academic guidelines.

Although the program is not licensed as dual diagnosis, Adolescent Treatment Center has a licensed psychologist from the United Hospital District who treats and prescribes medication to clients with co-occurring disorders.

Counselors are available 24 hours a day in the facility. Winnebago’s has six LADCs on staff and operates a staff-to-client ratio of at least one-to-six at any point in time.

Adolescent Treatment Center also offers an outpatient program for clients aged 12 to 17. The program meets for group meetings twice a week and lasts as long as the client needs. The meetings last for three hours at a time and usually consist of about six clients and one counselor. While in the program, clients are also encouraged to attend local 12-step meetings and find a sponsor.


Adolescent Treatment Center has a pretty extensive family program, offering group sessions for family members and their loved ones when they’re attending the residential program. In these meetings, clients are able to share with their family members assignments from class and discuss what they have learned. Counselors also help clients and their families develop strategies for working together to address addiction issues in the future.

In Summary

The Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago is a solid resource for young people in need of structured substance abuse or addiction treatment. An added benefit, the small number of residents in the program allows for a high level of individualized treatment. Also, the family sessions provide the client and their family an opportunity to learn about addiction and recovery issues together, so new patterns and living systems can be successfully implemented after the adolescent completes treatment.

Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago Location

62- First Ave
Winnebago, MN 56098

Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago Cost

$24,000 (30 Days). Reach Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago by phone at (507) 893-3885. Find Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago on Facebook 

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