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The Addicts Rehabilitation Center Fund, Inc. was founded in New York, New York in 1957. Today, the state-funded organization offers residential treatment for substance abuse to adult men and women. The organization operates two separate residential facilities, one on Park Avenue and another on Madison Avenue.

Accommodations and Food

The Park Avenue building is a 60,000 square foot old piano warehouse that has since been renovated into a livable residence that can hold up to 150 clients.. The Madison location is a large brick building that houses up to 196 residents. The buildings accommodate both men and women, with genders separated by floor.

Addicts offers a variety of room sizes, including four-bed, six-bed and eight-bed bedrooms. The beds are twin sized and each floor has a large communal bathroom shared by all clients. The buildings also maintain individual therapy rooms, laundry rooms and larger spaces for group meetings.

Clients are served three meals a day in a large cafeteria. The food is prepared by a small group of on-site chefs. Addicts releases the menu at the beginning of the month, and the chefs do their best to accommodate dietary restrictions or requests.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Addicts begins with a pre-screening with a medical director to determine if the client needs medical detox. If the client is unstable, he or she is referred to an outside detox facility prior to beginning treatment.

Addicts’ residential program runs for six to nine months and consists of four phases. The first phase is a month-long “blackout period” where the client is not allowed to leave the premises or have a cell phone. During this period, if clients need to make an outside phone call, they can only do so with the approval of a counselor. If clients have an emergency medical or legal issue, they are only allowed to leave the building under the supervision of a counselor.

After the initial blackout period, clients enter the second phase, which requires attending school or securing gainful employment. Addicts assists clients in finding a job and offers resume development services.
After finding work or enrolling in school, clients enter the third phase. During this time, counselors closely monitor the clients progress in work or school for 45 days. If the client is earning money, he or she is required to save a minimum of one-third of the net income.

When a counselor determines that the client is not only leading a drug-free lifestyle but is also consistently attending school or work, the client enters the fourth phase of treatment. In this phase, clients are granted more freedoms, including overnights with their family members. This phase lasts until the client and counselor decide the client is ready to discharge from the program.

The treatment consists of individual and group therapy. Clients have three to four one-hour group meetings a day and two to three individual meetings a week with counselors.

Addicts offers a variety of group meetings and clients are assigned to different groups based on the counselors’ recommendations. Some of the groups offered include health groups, HIV education groups, trigger groups, anger management and gender-specific groups. The groups are led by an individual counselor and consist of no more than 15 clients. Counselors at Addicts use CBT and relapse prevention in their counseling. The treatment at Addicts does not include the implementation of 12-step recovery programs so clients are not referred to any outside AA/NA meetings. The organization has a mixture of 15 to 20 CASACs and CSACs on staff.

Addicts is not equipped for dual diagnosis support so if the client is showing signs of a co-occurring disorder, he or she is referred to an outside mental health treatment facility.


Addicts has a family program that consists of group meetings with family members and clients as well as individual meetings with the client and their family members with a counselor. The group meetings occur every other Sunday and are lead by a counselor who teaches family members about addiction and the healing process as a loved one progresses through sobriety. Individual family meetings with counselors are available on request.

Although Addicts does not have an official aftercare program, if the counselor feels like the client needs additional treatment after graduating, they will refer clients to outside outpatient and aftercare facilities.

Addicts also has an acapella gospel choir made up of a mixture of 35 current members and alumni of the program. The choir performs mostly in the New York area, but also travels around the country and sings at roughly 200 engagements a year.

In Summary

Addicts Rehabilitation Center Fund, Inc. is an affordable, long-term option adults in New York City looking for stable, evidence-based residential treatment and sober support. It’s also commendable that despite a large number of clients, the group sizes are relatively contained. Addicts’ focus on making sure the clients are stable in school or work allows residents the opportunity to transition smoothly back into the community.

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