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Forty years ago, Mariam Kelley and her husband David envisioned a treatment program that would provide relief, support and tools for veterans suffering from alcohol addiction in Oregon. This was the humble beginning of what would become Addictions Recovery Center. Expanded to meet the growing needs of the general population in the 70s, Addictions Recovery Center, located in Medford, Oregon, is now a residential substance abuse facility offering a variety of evidence-based treatment services, in order to facilitate permanent abstinence.

Accommodations and Food

Located in the Rogue Valley, about 30 miles north of the California border, Medford is part of the fourth largest metropolitan area in Oregon. The Addictions Recovery facility has the capacity to house 22 residents. The center is co-ed, with men downstairs and the women upstairs. There are usually three clients to a room and each floor has one communal shower and restroom. The rooms are simple but cozy, with twin beds, nightstands and large closets.

Addictions Recovery Center serves its clients three meals per day, prepared by a well-trained kitchen staff that will accommodate special dietary needs when requested. Fruit is always available after dinner, though no outside food is allowed and only decaffeinated beverages are accessible.

Treatment and Staff

The average length of stay at Addictions Recovery Center is anywhere from 30 days to three months. The residential treatment program uses a multidisciplinary approach to help guide clients toward a life of recovery. An individualized treatment plan designed for each client focuses on long-term recovery skills that help improve overall health, including physical and emotional well-being. Education on addictive behaviors, brain function and personal responsibility help guide the client toward integrating new skills and habits in their daily life. A light detox is available, which is monitored by a registered nurse. Clients that require more than a Valium detox must be hospitalized and cleared before admission. A licensed physician is on call 24 hours a day and there is one counselor for every four to five clients on the facility daily.

A variety of techniques are implemented during treatment, including 12-step meetings, CBT and Life Skills, which teaches problem-solving and addiction studies classes. The average day at Addictions Recovery Center starts with a 6:30 am wake up and breakfast at 7:15. Group therapy starts at 9 am, and lunch is at 12:15. Groups resume at 1:30 pm, and, depending on the client’s schedule, there is time for writing assignments from 3 to 4 pm every afternoon. Individual sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Residents are taken to outside 12-step meetings nightly, except for on the weekends.

Visiting hours are on Sunday for those clients who have been on the facility for at least one week. Cell phones are allowed but are kept in the counseling office. Residents may use their phones during designated hours. No other outside electronics are allowed.

Pain management courses are offered for individuals with chronic pain. DUI education and certificate programs are also offered for clients with a court order.


There is a communal TV room and clients are allowed to watch TV after dinner and at designated breaks. Addictions Recovery Center does not have a gym on site, but residents are taken to the local YMCA twice a week.

Family program is every Saturday, and relatives are strongly encouraged to attend. Family groups allow clients, friends and families to become acquainted with vital treatment information and with each other—individuals meet and experience other recovering people and their families. Topic and lecture videos are used along with discussion and 12 step recovery panels.

In Summary

Addictions Recovery Center applies a variety of methods to arrest addiction and provide clients with the tools to sustain a sober life upon discharge. Founded in service and housed in humble but homey surroundings, this facility offers the necessary accoutrements for a life free of substance abuse.

Addictions Recovery Center Location

111 Genessee St
Medford, OR 97504

Addictions Recovery Center Cost

$7,200 (3o days). Reach Addictions Recovery Center by phone at (541) 779-1282. Find Addictions Recovery Center on Facebook

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  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen on

    You’ve got to be kidding me. This place is a total joke, and that is not a picture of it, above. Above is another treatment center that was forced to go out of business. The real ARC is a nasty, run-down house in West Medford (an area known for its drug-infestation). The floors are not finished, which is gross because dirt and debris get caught in the cracks and stay there even though clients have to clean the “house” every morning, all afternoon on Saturday, and for two hours on Sunday evenings (blegh). You can go to the YMCA a couple times per week, but if you don’t smoke, forget exercising without a plume of it in your face every time you are allowed to leave the premises with your “peers”.
    Most importantly, don’t expect individualized counseling. Your counselor will seldom make time to work with you. Mine finally started seeing me once per week after I had been there a substantial amount of time.
    My stay was horrible for so many reasons. The staff stole from me, and the nurse consistently messed up my medications while acting with ineptitude in her care for my physical complaints. The breach of ethics in all areas of this operation is astounding to the point that the patients question themselves instead of the bizarre behavior of 20-something staff people. A pill of some sort was found in the hall bathroom, so my room got raided (meaning all of my belongings were taken out of closets and drawers and thrown everywhere). Hope you like the 12-Steps, because that’s literally ALL you are going to get for D&A treatment – oh, and you have to find your own rides to and from these religious cult meetings.
    I could go on and on and on about it. An on.
    It was by far the worst 31 days I have ever experienced. It was jail without the respect or safety. I finally called my boyfriend to come get me.
    One year later, I’m sober despite “treatment”. Phooey, get sober by doing your own research and learn about what you are up against first. Don’t let half-wit, money hungry jerks tell you that you have to pay $34-42,000 to get religious brainwashing. No, no, no.
    BTW, whoever spoon fed this crap to the author of the article is off base by quite a long stretch.

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