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ADC High Gain Project


ADC High Gain Project Review

Located in the Santa Monica neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, ADC High Gain Project is a community-oriented behavioral health organization that offers affordable care to clients struggling with addiction and alcoholism. The facility was founded in 1974 and is aimed primarily at providing DUI-oriented programs to court-ordered clients but it also offers customizable outpatient-based plans as well.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning a program, clients go through an initial assessment so that staff members can determine their medical history and their individual needs. Although on-site detox services are not available, those in need can get referrals to nearby programs as necessary. In addition to the longer-term tracks for repeat offenders, which can last anywhere from three to 30 months, specialized treatment plans are also available.

All treatment plans consist primarily of group therapy with methods like CBT and educational seminars that focus on 12-step as well as the disease model of addiction. Though the subject matter covered may vary, frequent topics include anger management, trigger identification, relapse prevention, emotional processing and the health effects of alcohol on the body. Dual diagnosis support is not available. The staff at ADC High Gain Project consists of state-certified addiction counselors, case managers and additional support staff.


As mentioned, DUI/DWI treatment plans are also available in a variety of intensities. At the very low end, these programs can be only 12 hours long in total whereas on the high end they can last for 30 months. Out-of-state clients can also receive treatment through ADC High Gain Project though the specifics are worked out on a case-by-case basis. Classes and educational groups are offered at many different times throughout the day and art therapy sessions are sometimes available as well.

In Summary

Overall, ADC High Gain Project provides flexible if basic treatment programs to clients struggling with alcoholism and addiction. All programs are affordable and can be made to suit any number of schedules, all with a particular focus on court-ordered clients and those with DUI/DWI convictions. While those in need of more intensive care or support for co-occurring disorders may need to seek additional help, the ADC High Gain Project remains a resource worth considering for certain clientele.

ADC High Gain Project Location

ADC High Gain Project
1424 4th St #205
Santa Monica, CA 90401

ADC High Gain Project Cost

Sliding scale. Reach ADC High Gain Project by phone at (310) 451-5881 or by email at [email protected]. Find ADC High Gain Project on Facebook

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