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Accelerated Recovery Centers


Accelerated Recovery Centers

Accelerated Recovery Centers Review

Located in the Georgia capital of Atlanta, Accelerated Recovery Centers is a facility that exclusively treats alcohol dependence and abuse. It does not admit or treat individuals who have opiate, stimulant or behavioral addictions. It works with clients who voluntarily want treatment and does not accept court-ordered individuals or other mandatory cases without appropriate motivation. The treatment programs are evidence, medicine and science based.

Treatment and Staff

Accelerated has three personalized levels of care: mild, moderate and severe, and all are named after the severity of alcohol dependency and abuse. Each level includes intensive days, genetic assessment, neurological testing, laboratory testing, psychological assessments, communication and attachment style assessment, medical treatment, relapse prevention medications, individual therapy, clinical staff, continuing care and guarantee conditions. Moderate and Severe personalized levels of care allow clients to have relationship therapy, analyze their relationship compatibility and have continuing care and on-call support.

The Mild personalized level of care is for clients who do not use alcohol daily, have no withdrawal symptoms, little or no consequences associated with alcohol but mild depression and anxiety. Also, the individual has never been to a treatment center before and he or she has a support system.

The Moderate personalized level of care is for individuals who use alcohol daily, may or may not have withdrawal symptoms, may or may not require medically supervised detox, may or may not have consequences correlated with alcohol use and experiences moderate depression and/or anxiety. The individual has either not gone or has gone to a treatment program. Their support system is mainly together.

The Severe personalized level of care is for individuals who use alcohol daily, have withdrawal symptoms, require a medically supervised detox, have consequences associated with alcohol and experience moderate to severe depression and/or anxiety. The client has been to a treatment program more than twice and may require treatment for a mood disorder or bipolar disorder. Their support system is broken.

Accelerated prides itself on only using personalized, individual therapy for its clients. Clients receive about six and a half hours of psychotherapy per day for a duration of about 12 days. Accelerated has private detox, hospital-based detox, emergency detox and post-acute detox program. Private detox is conducted in the client’s own suite with their own private nursing stuff. Eligibility for this detox program is determined by the staff and for clients who private pay. Hospital-based detox is for clients who are medically ineligible for private detox and for clients who want to use their insurance to pay for detox services. Accelerated contracts with two detox hospitals in the Atlanta area. Emergency detox services are offered through the facility’s hospital partners and are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week for private pay clients and for clients who wish to use their insurance. Post acute detox program is modeled after the protocols developed by Dr. Sherry A. Rogers in her book “Detoxify or Die.” The facility uses state of the art technology along with diet, fitness and nutrition to further rid the body from chemical and pollutants.

Accelerated’s framework is built upon dual diagnosis support. There are doctors on staff and seven to 11 clinicians rotate between each client. Accelerated’s staff credentials include Board Certified Coach (BCC), Certified Addiction Counselor-Level II (CACII), Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS), LCSW), LMFT, LPCs, Master’s (MS), MD, MED, PhD and PsyD.

There are five phases in Accelerated’s Alcohol Rehabilitation. The first phase is the Orientation phase. During this stage clients meet with the Program Manager to make sure their paperwork is in order. Then they meet with the Director of Nursing for a health history and the Medical Director for a physical examination. Clients are drawn blood at this stage in order to create an individualized health plan. After, clients are introduced to their alcohol rehab treatment team.

The second phase is Withdrawal Management in which the client’s goal is to eliminate alcohol from their system. The process lasts for five days. In this stage, clients are given medication to eliminate their cravings.

The third phrase is Sobriety Acclimation which lasts for 21 days. Clients meet up with their treatment team and discuss their individualized treatment plan.

The fourth phase is Life Optimization. In this stage, clients work on resolving issues and are introduced to specialists and subject matter experts.

Fifth phase is The “D.” At this phase, clients have reached their one year anniversary of being sober. Accelerated honors the client with a gold “D,” which is a souvenir to show clients they have conquered their addiction.

In Summary

Accelerated Recovery Centers is unique because it exclusively focuses on alcohol abuse and dependence and offers only private, clinical care. It treats a variety of different individuals and is a facility that has thorough individualized treatment and health plans.

Accelerated Recovery Centers Cost

Call for cost (30 days). Reach Accelerated Recovery Center by phone at (877) 786-7454.

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