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Acadiana Addiction Center


Acadiana Addiction CenterAcadiana Addiction Center Review

Founded in 2004 by three doctors, Acadiana Addiction Center welcomes those who have a desire to change their lives for the better to Lafayette, Louisiana’s fourth-largest city. Expect to spend time along the Vermillion River in the Southwestern part of the state.

Accommodations and Food

Though a new facility is in the works, currently this program operates out of a main office building and large, classic-styled house. A deck out back allows for socializing and taking in the Louisiana sun. Inside, each bedroom sleeps two (twin-sized beds) and the bathrooms are shared by up to six people.

Those who have a taste for greasy-spoon food will enjoy Acadiana’s delectable dishes, as Hub City Diner caters all meals in this house—omelets, burgers and chicken-fried steak are just a few items on the menu. (Please note the staff decides what’s served.) To accompany this comfort food, sugar and caffeine are allowed but only in moderation. Got to love the South.

Treatment and Staff

The 30-day program at Acadiana adheres to 12-step principles and offers an optional four-day detox for an additional fee. As well as alcohol, the following drug addictions are treated: opioids, cocaine, PCP, organic and synthetic marijuana and amphetamines. Should residents need to stay longer, Acadiana can accommodate those needs. Though the initial month is co-ed, this facility relocates the extended residential care women to a secondary home right on the river, while men remain at Acadiana proper. Conveniently, both sites provide treatment and housing.

The treatment itself entails group sessions and individual therapy. One-on-one sessions occur once a week lest clients require more—clients are given ample time with their counselors. CBT is the primary clinical-treatment method—dual diagnosis support is also available. For those with trauma-based addictions, a staff member transports clients to a hospital for further analysis. The visiting doctor is completely available during a resident’s first 12 hours but then only visits once a week. At this time the doctor  meets with the entire staff to discuss and assess everyone’s treatment plan. Acadiana ensures their 20 staff members see to all 32 residents’ needs. Further, their program director, rotational counselors, LPNs, on-call admissions people and techs provide 24/7 assistance.

As part of a resident’s program, off-site 12-step meetings are required—transportation is provided. Attendance failure will count against clients receiving further privileges. At these meetings, residents must find a temporary sponsor. (On-site meetings are provided as well.) In conjunction with working with their individual therapist, residents can opt for alternative-recovery programs—e.g., Celebrate Recovery—but said alternatives are more for extended residential care.

Family’s a big part of the program here—during and after admissions. Every Tuesday through Thursday, from 12 to 5 pm, Acadiana opens their doors to family members. Residents and their families participate in group therapy together. Though no official alternative therapy is offered, residents can join in for arts-and-crafts activities.

The typical Acadiana day begins at 6 am when clients clean their room and take showers. At 8 am, it’s breakfast time then meditation or a reading from a piece of 12-step literature. Staff techs help residents to compose a to-do list, within the post-breakfast activities. Lunch is served at noon then various groups mixed with breaks. Residents sit down to dinner at 5 pm, which is followed by free time unless there’s a 12-step meeting or group scheduled. Lights go out at 10:30 pm on weekdays—residents get an extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

Sundays are the days for visitation; however all visitors must attend an educational presentation about addiction first. Afterward, from 3 to 5 pm, they’re free to be with their loved ones.

No cell phones or computers or music either. However, residents can utilize the house phone to make three 15-minute phone calls per week.


In terms of exercise, three days a week, residents have the opportunity to be transported to a local recreation center—this is an off-site privilege that must be earned via working a good program. Residents have access to a private pool, as well as basketball and volleyball courts.

Two recreation rooms are available—one for men, the other for women—both with large televisions and a Wii for additional entertainment. As per usual, expect restrictions around this type of electronic entertainment. While 30-day residents are limited to the community recreation center, clients who remain for the extended residential program are treated to outings; movies, bowling, restaurants, and fishing trips (the pond at their secondary site).

In Summary

Though Acadiana’s location may be fairly unknown and not exactly on the luxurious side of sobriety, their staff works hard to ensure all residents receive great care, motivating clients to work a solid 12-step program. The offer of extended residential care should be considered if a stay in Lafayette is a possibility.

Acadiana Addiction Center Location

3008 West Pinhook Rd
Lafayette, LA 70508

Acadiana Addiction Center Cost

$14,000 (30 days). Reach Acadiana Addiction Center by phone at (855) 777-6573 or by email. Find Acadiana Addiction Center at Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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