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Acadia: Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center


charleston indianaAcadia: Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center Review

Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center is located in Charlestown, Indiana, a small town in the Southeastern region of the state. For over 10 years, Southern Indiana CTC has offered outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid addicts. It currently offers treatment using methadone, Subutex, and Suboxone. Southern Indiana CTC also requires clients to attend group and individual therapy while they’re in treatment.

The clinic is a member of the Acadia treatment network, an international group of mental health and behavioral facilities offering outpatient and residential treatment throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

Treatment and Staff

After clients are assessed, they and the treatment team decide which course of MAT they’re best-suited for: methadone or Subutex or Suboxone. Clients then attend an orientation session to learn the policies of the clinic. Once they begin receiving doses, clients must attend group and individual therapy at least once a month. However, clients are encouraged to attend at least one treatment group each week. After 90 days of successful treatment, clients can apply for take-home doses of their medication.

Therapy uses CBT and groups address relapse prevention, relationships and health and wellness.

Southern Indiana’s treatment team is made up of physicians, nurses and Master’s-level therapists and state-certified addiction counselors. Counselors address co-occurring disorders in individual and group therapy but refer clients in need of comprehensive dual diagnosis support to nearby mental health facilities. Southern Indiana encourages clients to attend peer support meetings such as NA and helps clients locate meetings in the community.

Southern Indiana CTC hopes that all clients will eventually not need MAT, and it works with them to create a treatment plan that culminates in tapering. However, clients are not pressured to taper on any set time-line.


Southern Indiana CTC hosts a weekly family night for support and recovery education. It also offers clients a parenting skills workshop.

In Summary

Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center offers several options for MAT for opioid addicts. In addition, it provides family education, parenting skills and multiple processing groups each week, ensuring that clients learn how to make healthy and informed life choices as their lives improve with medication.

Acadia: Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center Location

Acadia: Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center
7509 Charlestown Pike
Charlestown, IN 28374

Acadia: Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center Cost

Accepts Insurance. Self-pay $464- $720 (30 days). Reach Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center by phone at (812) 256-4686. Find Southern Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center on Facebook

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  1. I have been apatient at S.I.C.T.C since November 2017. I am absolutely outraged at the way I have been treated at this facility by the supervisor and police officers they have. My medical information has been disclosed by the supervisor and PhysicIan to officers working at the clinic on two occasions. The officers are not medical staff nor did I give consent for said information to be disclosed as it serves no medical purpose to do so. I have watched the officer stand behind staff at the front desk reading the computer monitor as I give my information to staff for my check in and reason is counseling, classes etc. I told my counselor who stated thus shouldn’t be going on however, no measures were taken to prevent it. I’ve had officers there yell at me for not knowing the new rules implemented and changing daily. I take a cab to treatment and am forced to go to the back of the line at 745 am after everyone sitting in their vehicles line up even if I been waiting an hour before them simply because I do not have a vehicle to wait in outside and my cab drops me off and comes back in an hour. When I voiced my concerns for what seems to be punishment for not having a vehicle and being forced to wait behind everyone who arrived after me because they do. I want to explain the clinic stared to work pass groups meaning anyone not on work pass is to remain in their vehicles until 745 at which time the doors are open and they are permitted to get out of the cars and lineup inside to dose. Since I don’t have a car and I’m dropped off and the clinic has a rule that no one can stand in the parking lot or by the door because it looks bad I’m also not permitted to sit in a friend’s car because they said this looks bad too like drug deals and they don’t want the stigma si I’m forced to go inside wait for everyone to come in and then go to the back of the line even though I’m there an hour before the people coming in. I lost my job because of thus I had to be at work at 930 and the line to dose has been taking an hour or longer for several days therfore I miss my ride or am late to work. I disussed this with the supervisor and she was incredibly rude and uncaring she said it’s the rules and I said I wanted a complaint form after I ask for one she then ask for my patient number when I ask why she waited until I requested a complaint form and for what purposes does she need my number she said “because I ask for it” I said where do I get the form she said at the front desk but I want your number so I’m worried I will sudder repercussions for complaining as I have witnessed others who crossed her lose take homes be harassed if you anget her by speaking to her about the long wait times in line she wI’ll get angry and pull you out of line and send you to the back of the line to start all over this happened to me and multiple others. She makes people fear to voice complaints because you certainly will suffer her consequences should you anger her

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