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San Jose Behavioral Health is a psychiatric hospital located in San Jose, California. Opened in early 2016, the brand-new facility has a primary focus on treating mental disorders, but also treats chemical dependency as a secondary diagnosis. Dual diagnosis support is available through an adult inpatient treatment program. All care is individualized to each client’s unique needs.

As a member of the Acadia Healthcare network, San Jose Behavioral Health is just one of many behavioral health facilities providing chemical dependency and therapeutic support. With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Acadia serves communities across the country and in the UK with inpatient, residential, outpatient and school-based treatment programs.

Accommodations and Food

As a hospital, San Jose Behavioral Health accommodates inpatient clients in a clinical setting. Clients are housed within the boundaries of the property in safe and stable living quarters. Treatment and living is all under the same roof with 80 beds available, separated into wards based on the acuity of mental illness. Men and women sleep in separate gender-specific hallways, but are on the same ward divided by a nurse’s station.

Clients sleep two per room, with their own private bathroom and shower. Beds are twin sized with linens provided by the facility. Day rooms and communal areas are available—some designated “quiet areas” and others with shared TVs, which clients may use during approved hours.

Food is typical American-fare and served in the cafeteria, though residents are permitted to bring their meals to the unit. The ward also has several outdoor patios for clients to enjoy, and are also approved as designated smoking areas. Family members can visit daily between 5 and 6 pm.

Treatment and Staff

Upon arrival, clients undergo a bio-psycho-social assessment which determines the best course of treatment. Length of treatment depends on the client, but the average length of stay is seven to 10 days, though some stay as long as 90 days.

Specialized treatment is available for a range of behavioral and mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and paranoid schizophrenia.

Clients attend group therapy on a daily basis with LCSWs. In addition to groups, clients also participate in individual therapy with their primary therapist. Psychiatrists are also on staff for additional assessments and for medication management.

The clinical staff utilizes evidence-based practices such as CBT and DBT. While the program is not 12-step oriented, members from the AA/NA community may bring meetings to the facility. Clients who display a need for more intensive chemical dependency services may be referred out when they have completed treatment at San Jose Behavioral Health.


A range of additional services are currently being developed by staff and board members. Clients can also receive treatment for COPD, diabetes and other physical health concerns.

In Summary

San Jose Behavioral Health is a new facility dedicated to helping those with co-occurring disorders stabilize and receive mental health treatment in conjunction with chemical dependency. Through group and individual therapy employing evidence based therapeutic methods, clients are given the opportunity to process through the causes and conditions of their chemical dependency. New coping skills are developed as clients begin the initial steps towards their recovery.

San Jose Behavioral Health Location

455 Silicon Valley Blvd
San Jose, CA 95138

San Jose Behavioral Health Cost

$1,500-$2,000 (per day). Reach San Jose Behavioral Health by phone at (888) 210-2484. Find San Jose Behavioral Health on Facebook

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  1. My daughter was in the adolescent unit. Horrible! Doctor didn’t even know my child, but decided to place a 2 week 5250 hold on her an hour before she was scheduled to leave. My daughter was dying to get out and was minding all her ps and qs. They claimed she was violent and making suicidal statements throughout her stay. This was a complete lie. I visited my daughter and spoke to her several times, and she was fine. These people are nuts and I am now terrified of how they are further going to harm my child. Do not let your child be sent here. Beg to go anywhere else.

  2. I have filled a complaint with the medical board against a provider at San Jose behavioral and the facility itself. I feel I was abused and neglected while I had a brief 3 day stay. I ended up there on 51/50 and transported there. They refused to give me pain meds, did not treat my withdrawl, and they gave out my mental health history to my pain clinic with out my consent. They threw away my meals for not being able to walk to the nurses station fast enough. I have pins and plates in both ankles after they were crushed. Upon first arrival at the hospital they demanded that you strip down completely naked and you have to stand there naked while they slowly go get you something to put on. They use intimidation and scare tactics and don’t respect patient rights.

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