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Columbus OhioAcadia: Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry Review

Located in Columbus, the Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry offers a wide range of mental health services for adults and the elderly. The facility is located centrally, serving over 70 counties with access to services and referrals. With a range of specialty units available—including a geriatric unit, crisis stabilization unit, intensive care unit and a dual diagnosis unit which serves clients struggling with co-occurring mental health issues and chemical dependency with inpatient care.

As a member of the Acadia Healthcare network, Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry is just one of many behavioral health facilities providing chemical dependency and therapeutic support. With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Acadia serves communities across the country and in the UK with residential, outpatient and school-based treatment programs.

Accommodations and Food

The facility is in a hospital setting dedicated to high-risk and critical crisis interventions. Accommodations are not intended for a long-term stay or for individuals struggling only with chemical dependency. It is a lock-down facility with treatment and living quarters under the same roof. Each client lives in a semi-private room with their own bathroom. Men and women are accommodated on the same ward, but at opposite ends of a hallway separated by a nurse’s station. Stays are short-term, typically lasting no longer than 10 days, depending upon acuity.

There are two communal rooms where clients can gather during down time, one with a TV and another quiet room for reading books. Both rooms are monitored at all times by staff. An outdoor patio is also available with a smoking area for use at designated times. All meals are enjoyed in the ward, and clients are given pre-set menus to choose from. Meals are balanced and healthy with some comfort food options. Coffee and tea is allowed in the morning.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment approach at OHP is intensive and tailored for individuals with secondary diagnoses of chemical dependency. Prior to admission, all clients are seen for a bio-psycho-social assessment which determines whether the client requires detox, medication management or other forms of treatment during their stay.

Clients are seen by LCSWs and Registered Nurses who have experience working with mental health and chemical dependency. Group and individual therapy sessions focus on stability and wellness as well as development of healthy coping skills and life management. Individual sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis and may not be required for all clients during their stay.

Counselors utilize evidence-based practices including CBT and DBT techniques.

The program itself is not directly affiliated with 12-step programs but they have recently began using the hospitals and institutions program to help expose clients to pathways for support. Members from the local AA/NA community bring meetings to the clients. The goal for all clients is for them to quickly stabilize, detox if needed and begin their initial steps towards recovery while learning to live with their mental conditions.


While the OHP dual-diagnosis is a stand alone program, the treatment team understands that additional care is often needed. The case management team works with the family and the client to refer them to secondary programs to support their recovery journey.

In Summary

The Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry is a specialized facility that primarily treats mental health conditions co-occurring with chemical dependency. With credentialed mental health professionals and a qualified nursing staff, clients undergo intensive, short-term treatment in a clinical environment. With case management services, evidence-based treatment and referrals to peer support meetings, OHP provides the essential first steps so clients can change their lives and pursue lasting recovery.

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry Location

880 Greenlawn Ave
Columbus, OH 43223

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry Cost

$750/day. Reach Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry by phone at (877) 959-0191. Find Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. Airion Oglesby on

    I also forgot to mention that they ended up ‘losing’ my blood meter and strips when I got discharged. I didn’t have another meter and I really needed the one that they had lost, so I kept calling and trying to see if anyone knew where it was. All they said was they couldn’t find it .. And they never even bothered to look!!!!

    So I had to wait 2 weeks to get another one!!!!

  2. Airion Oglesby on

    Back in 2014, I was sent to OHP. I had type 2 diabetes as well, so I brought my blood meter and everything else that I needed. My stay there was absolutely horrible. The food was bad, the staff were rude and the environment all together was just toxic.

    One morning I woke up and got my sugar tested, and it was normal, so I told the nurse that I didn’t need to take my Metformin because it was 1,000 milligrams and it was going to make my sugar drop too low. She refused to listen to me and forced me to take it anyway. Within an hour or so, I started feeling weak and dizzy and I was shaking. Went to get my sugar tested and low and behold it was 50.
    And isn’t it a coincidence that the nurse who forced me to take the Metformin was the same one who checked it again when I said I wasn’t feeling well?

    And another time I was there, there was this kid who was trying to have sex with me and was groping me against my will when no one was listening. I did end up telling staff, but all they did was talk to him. Nothing changed, and they ended up having to move me because I kept threatening to talk to someone of higher status because he wouldn’t stop touching me.

    This is a hospital I would never ever go back to. It harms more than helps. I was there for almost 4 days before I saw a doctor and it was about 5 or 6 days before I got the right medication,

  3. The statements made by this company in the description are flagrant lies. I was admitted on a Thursday morning for 72 hours of observation. I was left outside in 20° weather on a gurney with a light blanket and an ambulance crew for 10 minutes. Then I was interviewed by a nurse who took the bandage off my 7″ gash with 19 stitches and said it needed to “air”. By interview I mean BP, Temp and weight was taken. I was asked who could and couldn’t contact me, etc. I was then taken to a semi private room with a bathroom. I was then interviewed by a MD. I was asked about my parents, any surgeries and that was it. I had brought paper and pencils and all my meds, in prescription bottles. Everything was taken away. I was not given any meds that day as the pharmacy closed before they could get the orders. I have a physical issue that requires Norco and ibruprofen. I was not even allowed that. I was never asked my diagnosis, or saw a Psychiatrist. The day room was one room with a very loud TV, chairs, a table with pencils (unsharpened) and markers (overused and mostly dry). The accustics made it impossible to be anywhere that was quiet. Day two morning. Still no meds. I asked for the patient advocate, was given a social worker. I explained to her what was going on. She made an appt for us to talk to the Psyc Dr. At this meeting I was told I needed to volunteer myself in or I would be probated. I was later to learn that EVERY PATIENT is told this so they can keep you in as long as possible so they can bill as much as possible. I than had another consult with the MD and was asked about my medical condition. He assessed after 3 minutes I didn’t need anything but ibruprofen. I still had not had my psych meds. Night 2, sorry the pharmacy had closed you don’t get your meds….. Again. Day 3 after contacting my lawyer, having my Dr call and having an outside advocate contact them I was finally given 1/2 my prescribed meds. There is no therapy, during the 5 days I was forced to stay here there were 6 groups. 2 Schizophrenia support groups, (which I’m not) 1 religious group about how God can help you. And 3 art therapys. I was not allowed to have my pencil and paper until day 3, though other patience had markers, books, pencils etc. The rules would always vary upon which aids worked. My wound was looked at 1 other time because I requested it on day 3. I was told it was looking infected and some antibiotic wash would be ordered. Of course I couldn’t have it because the pharmacy was closed. Day 4 I see the nurse in the hall …. I tell her, it seeping yellowish puss. She replied, and I quote, That’s normal. I never did get any treatment for it. I never got all my prescribed meds. There were no activities, no art room, no exercise, no therapy. I have extreme IBS, if the kitchen staff had not been so helpful I would have starved. My first two days there I had a roll and a piece of cake. Over the weekend the kitchen staff was amazing and made sure I had what I needed. Day 5, Monday I had a banana for breakfast and a Bologna sandwich for lunch. Then after lunch I was talked to by the nutritionist. I was leaving before dinner. So now? I was released because I was smart enough to not sign voluntary commitment and had people to fight for me. I was left going through withdrawal from needed meds, having an infection that needed antibiotics, lost 5 pounds in 5 days and in far worse condition than when I entered. This is not a place to recover. This is a business that is out to make money. The staff is not happy and take it out on patients, there is nowhere for privacy, even the phone calls are at the front desk so what you say is monitored. The Drs are not thorough and are condicending. Case workers, social workers, hospitals, crisis workers, please for the safety and well being of your clients, don’t refer them here. People in need of help, this is not the place. Ohio Hospital … Shame on you, shame for the lies you tell these poor patients that don’t know their rights, shame on you for the lies you tell above in your description. Shame on you.

    • Hi, we’re sorry to hear that your recent experience with us did not meet your expectations. We are trying to get in touch to discuss how we can put things right – or as always, please feel free to contact us.

  4. Your facility is a joke, an abusive environment and engages in fraudulent billing practices. I find it sadly amusing the staff of OHP oversees the care of people in crisis while mistreating them and giving absolutely no counseling. I was punched because I wanted to get up and go to the day room when an hour before it was time to rise.

    This is a terrible, nightmare of a place. It should be burned to the ground.

    • We’re sorry to hear that your recent experience with OHP did not meet your expectations. Having served the Columbus community for numerous years, we strive to provide the best patient and client care. Please contact us directly so we can address your concerns personally.

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