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Alexandria LouisianaAcadia: Longleaf Hospital Review

Operating out of Alexandria, Louisiana Longleaf Hospital has been open for over 10 years. It offers an inpatient substance abuse treatment program which follows the 12-step approach with special services to support co-occurring mental health disorders.

As a member of the Acadia Healthcare network, Longleaf Hospital is just one of many behavioral health facilities providing chemical dependency and therapeutic support. With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Acadia serves communities across the country and in the UK with inpatient, residential, outpatient and school-based treatment programs.

Accommodations and Food

Treatment at Longleaf takes place in a clinical hospital setting, where clients are accommodated in a lock-down unit. All residents share double-occupancy rooms with one other client. While the Longleaf treatment program is co-ed, rooms are gender-specific. All meals are provided and served by the hospital to clients in their rooms while group dinners are served family-style on weekends.

Treatment and Staff

Longleaf Hospital’s inpatient program typically lasts 30 days and all clients work an individualized treatment plan. Following a comprehensive intake evaluation, clients enter an intensive program of day-long group therapy Monday to Friday, which incorporate the 12 steps and CBT. Clients also attend weekly individual sessions, unless it is determined that they may benefit from more frequent sessions.

Longleaf also offers dual diagnosis support, and clients see a medical doctor daily. Residents are given free time on weekends for relaxation, doing homework or taking part in community activities, such as attending area AA/NA meetings.

Longleaf employs a Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC), CSW, a medical doctor and a psychiatrist, as well as registered nurses. The Longleaf substance abuse unit is monitored by staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


After completing inpatient treatment and returning home, Longleaf clients may step down to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or basic outpatient treatment and continue attending sessions at a lower frequency, if they and the staff deem it necessary.

In Summary

For those seeking a solid inpatient facility that provides security and comprehensive support through all phases of recovery, Longleaf is a good choice. By combining the 12-step framework and evidence-based methods of treatment, clients have access to standard treatment in a clinical setting. With support for co-occurring disorders and the opportunity to step down to less intensive tracks, Longleaf Hospital provides well-rounded care for substance abuse and mental health.

Longleaf Hospital Location

44 Versailles Blvd
Alexandria, LA 71303

Longleaf Hospital Cost

$19,500 (30 days). Reach Longleaf Hospital by phone at (318) 445-5111. Find Longleaf Hospital on Facebook and LinkedIn

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  1. Ronald Coupel on

    Just a follow up of the review posted 1/19/2018. I filed a complaint with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. An investigation was conducted and as a result Longleaf was cited for violations of Patient Rights, Pharmacy, and Nursing Services.

    • I was in there twice in different areas and the first time was nice and helpful.. the second time was awful ! I had major depressive disorder. They didn’t do much of anything I just sit there and watched t.v. all day .. we had a few group meetings . I didn’t see a doctor for 2 days and my meds weren’t given to me at all. I became very sick and laid on the floor throwing up and no one cared. In fact all the nurses or people assigned to watch us would do is sit there doing paper work. I could say a lot more but it would be way too long on here. Basically it was horrible there!! No help at all !!

  2. Made the unfortunate mistake of admitting my wife to this facility. She was humiliated and demeaned by the staff at the nursing station upon admission as they went through her personal belongings, dropping her under garments (bras and panties) on the floor, in front of all of the staff and other patients who laughed and jeered at her while she was forced to stand in the hallway by the nursing station for two hours. They also left her medication , which must be refrigerated, sitting on the counter for the two hour period even though my wife told them that it had to be refrigerated. If it reaches a certain temperature it cannot be used and the cost to replace it is over one thousand dollars. She has a history of seizures and is a fall risk however she was never offered a place to sit. She was originally placed in a semi private room with a women near her age (senior citizen) who was there for the same reason she was. One staff member in particular spoke very rudely to her and called her “Mama”. When she replied that she was not his mother he called her an “Ugly Old Lady” gave her a hateful stare and stormed away. Ten minutes later she was moved to another room that she had to share with a young heroin addict. My wife was not in this facility for use of any illegal or street drugs. There was no reason given for the room change. I guess he was punishing her for speaking back to him. They also kept her up most of the night while they were having “Wheel Chair Races” in the hallways instead of doing their jobs and checking on the patients. They also “assign” one of the addicts as “Team Leader/Reader” for the other patients based on the votes of the addicts. Kind of like the lunatics running the asylum or the inmates running the prison. On the first night the team leader grabbed my wife and pushed her outside into the smoking area in the freezing cold. The temperature was in the 20’s. She is a non-smoker, was not wearing a coat, and loudly objected however the staff technician who was seated right in front of her ignored her and smoked a cigarette with the group. The technician did not utter a word. While in group she was subjected to vulgar sexual comments made by the male patients all the while a hospital technician was in the room and did nothing until my wife objected to the vulgar sexual comments. She was not given her medications that are for other health problems even though specific medications were provided the staff upon her admission. All of this occurred within the first 16 hours she was there. I removed her from this facility where she had been for less than a 24 hour period and I started the process to admit her to a professional medical facility. This place is a nightmare. Think long and hard before you decide to leave your loved one in their care.

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