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South Norcross GeorgiaAcadia: Lakeview Behavioral Health Georgia Review

In 2013, South Norcross opened a Georgia branch of Lakeview Behavioral Health providing a variety of substance abuse treatment options. Both adult and adolescent clients have access to inpatient, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as well as detox. Treatment at Lakeview follows the 12-step model and incorporates evidence based methods including CBT. Those with co-occurring disorders can also access dual diagnosis support.

As a member of the Acadia Healthcare network, Lakeview Behavioral Health is just one of many behavioral health facilities providing chemical dependency and therapeutic support. With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Acadia serves communities across the country and in the UK with inpatient, residential, outpatient and school-based treatment programs.

Accommodations and Food

The Lakeview facility accommodates 70 individuals with adolescent clients (between the ages of 9 and 17) housed separately from adults. Grounds are arranged campus style with clinical buildings and dorms all on-site. Clients share their bedrooms, at least two to a room. Lakeview common areas include a large dining room (that also serves as a common room) where meals are served family style, a basketball court, a rec room and gardens.

Treatment and Staff

Lakeview’s treatment approach utilizes an individualized combination of dual-diagnosis, behavioral, experiential, and medication-based therapies for each of its clients. Inpatient clients stay a minimum of a week, and stays can be extended based on each client’s need. Clients follow their own schedule of individual and group therapy, strengths-based counseling and family sessions, as well as regular on-site AA/NA meetings. Clients also get the benefit of aftercare planning, music, art, and expressive therapy, as well as nutrition and wellness counseling.

The Lakeview PHP uses the same treatment approach with more limited hours. Minimum length of treatment is seven days, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 3 pm. Clients are expected to attend between four and six group sessions per day. Lakeview employs a step down approach based on each client’s progress and corresponding need. The IOP runs Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm, and clients are required to attend two to three groups daily. IOP clients must also attend for a minimum of seven days.

Lakeview treatment staff consists of medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists and licensed clinicians.

In Summary

The Georgia branch of Lakeview Behavioral Health offers an array of services including a short-term inpatient track, PHP and IOP with a step-down approach that supports adults and adolescents through each stage of recovery. By combining evidence based methods of treatment with music, art and expressive therapies, clients have access to a holistic range of treatment options that aim to treat body, mind and spirit.

Lakeview Behavioral Health Location

1 Technology Parkway
South Norcross, GA 30092

Lakeview Behavioral Health Cost

Sliding scale, $15,000 (inpatient, 30 days); PHP ($3,500, 7 days); $2,500 (IOP, 7 days). Reach Lakeview Behavioral Health by phone at (877) 792-6043 or by email at [email protected]. Find Lakeview Behavioral Health on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn

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  1. My mother was a patient there and was released without a follow up plan. When we voiced concern over the fact that she was given medicine that required follow up care, they pretended to schedule an appointment at an office for 8:00 AM the following morning. When we arrived, we discovered this facility had never been called, and in fact didn’t take my mother’s insurance. When I called back, I was told to “call the number on the back of your insurance card, they’ll help.” When I did so, my insurance carrier voiced concern that a facility would release someone with paranoia with a fake appointment, and indicated you get in much faster with the facility calling as any appointments we tried to make would be 6 weeks out. When I called Lakeview back, they suggested we take my mother back to the ER if it was that important she be seen quickly.

    I can’t comment on my mother’s stay, but I can say they are almost impossible to get a hold of and are negligent with follow through.

  2. Serognie Singh on

    This place is not what is described above. They are misleading to earn your business and the only mission is how can the milk your insurance company. My 17 daughter was transfer there because of mis communication at the emergency. Once she was at this facility they told that I can speak to her anytime I want to so with that I signed the consent forms for her temporary stay. The next day I drop a few personal items off for her at 7am they didn’t give it to her until 6pm. I tired calling her all through the day the front desk keep transfer me to vm. Finally I was able to visit my child to my surprise the staff was trying to persuade my child to say she has suicide thoughts putting her in groups exercise for suicide attempts. I finally spoke to the patient advocate Sheilda and explain to her that my daughter is not happy and I am not happy with the way they are treating her and trying to manipulate her. She was having a panic attack not trying to kill her self BTW. Sheilda told me that my daughter happiness does not matter. Now what kind of medical facility allow this behavior. I told her I wanted to speak to Center Administration , she transfer me to the a nurse not even my daughter’s nurse. I called back and finally spoke to the CEO Carmen Kramer and explain my concerns and inform her that I want to have my child discharge from this facility immediately, she in turn tells me that my child had to stay there until they are ready to discharge her. I further explained to her that I called my insurance company and no pre authorization request was filed for my child (according to AETNA that is the process) and I will not pay for any service since they are trying to bill the ins for suicide attempt instead of a panic attack. Finally after leaving several message for the assigned social worker for my daughter, Ms Ronona called me 7pm yesterday telling that I have to be there for 12pm family session with my daughter and they discharge at that moment. I went there today at 11;33 am. The first order of business was to settle my “bill”. The insurance only paid for 2 nights not 3 that they billed for. I told the rep I am not paying and I already spoke to the CEO and case manager. The rep in turn told I cannot leave the room so I told her that if I don’t get my daughter in 20 mins I am calling the police for holding my child hostage and against my will. After taking my phone out to call the police they buzz me out of the room and I waited for my child in the lobby, meanwhile the medical staff told my daughter she is not getting out of there today, they are probing her to react to her comments so they can hold her there for another day.

    This is not a place you check your love ones in medical attention. The staff is very misleading and they are all about the money and not well being of the patients there. As I was waiting for my child in the lobby I listened how they are brainwashing the new patients and the family member. I did not get my child until after 1:15pm. I started to call 911 and then one of the staff member bring her down. I am filing a report with the state since the case manager Sheilda said that they are holding my child hostage because of Georgia state laws on suicide. I ask her what are the state laws but she brush my question off with the comment of my child get a choice if she wants to stay there or not.

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