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Acadia: Lakeland Behavioral Health Hospital Adolescent Inpatient


Lakeland Behavioral Health Hospital Adolescent Inpatient Review

Lakeland Behavioral Health Hospital is within the Acadia network of care facilities. It’s located in Springfield, Missouri. Programming includes acute psychiatric inpatient treatment for adolescents. The inpatient program differs from the residential track at Lakeland in that it treats young people who have exhibited self harm behavior, or have not responded to treatment in a less intensive setting. Throughout the inpatient level of care, clients receive constant support from staff and programming that is coordinated with their family members. There are a series of specialized group therapies, along with substance abuse programming for those who need it. In conjunction with the therapeutic element to the inpatient program, young clients also maintain their education by attending the on-campus private school.

Accommodations and Food

The inpatient and residential wing of the hospital makes up for 102 of the 206 beds on campus. The clients are divided by age and gender, and what they are in treatment for. The facility provides double occupancy bedrooms that are furnished with twin beds, small dressers and nightstands. The bathrooms are situated in the hallways and shared between a few rooms. 

There is a gym on site with machines, and a full sized gymnasium that contains a basketball court. Clients have access to the small playground as well, and the swimming pool. 

The meals are prepared and served in the campus cafeteria. Kitchen staff makes the three meals a day and there are a few options offered per meal time. There are times when the adolescent inpatient clients do not leave their ward and eat meals in their rooms. 

Treatment and Staff

The gender-specific inpatient program is usually short term, and on average lasts about 17 days. The main focus of this program is for stabilization and a continuation plan. Upon arrival there is an assessment performed that determines the level of care needed. Each client is given a customized treatment plan, and there is continued evaluation and monitoring of progress. 

The boys and girls programs differ in terms of focus during treatment depending on their age groups. Younger clients attend five group sessions per day, two individual therapy sessions per week and see their psychiatrist three times a week. 

On a typical day clients attend groups throughout the day. These groups vary in topics depending on the age and group placement of the clients. There are community meetings held per section of the adolescent program. These are to inform the clients what courses need to be completed during the day, which may entail making their beds, cleaning their room and laundry,. 

Group therapy session topics include anger management, self image and esteem, coping skills, and how to manage symptoms and triggers. 

The staff of the inpatient treatment includes medical doctors, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, LCSWs, case managers and LPCs. 


There are aftercare services put in place that can include long term continued care. This may also entail stepping down to residential care at the same facility. 

In Summary

The inpatient level of care is a higher level of treatment that focuses on stabilizing the client and giving them coping skills that help to manage their symptoms. There are a lot of resources offered to clients and their families for continued support during the after treatment. This program works on promoting positive behaviors and boosting self esteem and self image. 

Lakeland Behavioral Health Hospital Location

440 S Market Ave
Springfield, MO 65806

Lakeland Behavioral Health Hospital Adolescent Inpatient Cost

Call for details. Insurance is accepted. Reach Acadia Lakeland Behavioral Health Hospital by phone at (877) 886-4970. 

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