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acadia-allied-health-services-medfordAcadia: Allied Health Services Medford Review

For over five years, Allied Health Services Medford has provided Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid addicts in Medford, Oregon. A large city in Southwest Oregon, Medford is just north of the California border. Allied Medford offers treatment plans using methadone, Suboxone or Subutex and requires clients to participate in both group and individual therapy while receiving their medication doses. Allied Medford is a member of the Acadia treatment network, which operates a number of outpatient and residential facilities throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

Treatment and Staff

Allied Medford works with adults only, and clients must have been addicted to opiates for at least one year. Clients on parole or probation must have permission from their officer to participate in MAT. During a three- to four-hour assessment, clients and Allied Medford’s treatment team decide which course of MAT best suits their recovery needs: methadone, Suboxone or Subutex. Clients then receive a dosing schedule which includes a plan for applying for take-home doses once the client has successfully participated in several weeks of treatment.

Clients must attend group therapy twice a week for the first 30 days of treatment. After this initial period of time, they must attend at least one group each week for as long as they’re in treatment. Clients must also meet with a counselor for one-on-one sessions a minimum of twice a month for the first month of treatment and then at least once a month after that.

Group therapy uses CBT to help clients develop coping skills and handle triggers. Groups are offered Monday through Friday and are led by addiction counselors with the CADC credential. Groups topics include Recovery Process, cannabis cessation, tapering and loss and grief.

Counselors address co-occurring disorders in individual and group therapy but refer clients in need of comprehensive dual diagnosis support to nearby mental health clinics. Clients are also encouraged to attend peer support meetings while in treatment, such as 12-step or SMART Recovery.

Allied Medford hopes that all of its clients will eventually not need MAT, and it works with them to create a treatment plan that culminates in tapering. However, clients are not pressured to taper on any set time-line.


After clients have completed MAT, they’re encouraged to schedule check-in or regular sessions with their primary counselor for aftercare.

In Summary

Allied Health Services Medford has provided clients with MAT for opiate addiction combined with traditional evidence-based therapy for a well-rounded program. With several weekly therapy groups that address issues such as tapering and handling grief, Allied Health Services Medford offers clients a community of support and education as they work towards sobriety.

Allied Health Services Medford Location

Allied Health Services Medford
777 Murphy St
Medford, OR 97504

Allied Health Services Medford Outpatient Cost

Accepts Insurance/Medicaid; Self-pay $360-540 (30 days). Reach Allied Health Services Medford by phone at (888) 407-0911. Find Allied Health Services Medford on Facebook

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  1. In the last several months, this clinic has had a revolving door, of “counselors”, and other staff. They’ve become absolutely corrupt with power, and are no longer adhering to policies, nor treating most of their patients with dignity or compassion. They have become “gatekeepers”, of the medication, some of us depend on to live. Forcing people back out to use, just because they feel like it. All they care about is money. Multiple HIPPA violations daily, unnecessary holds daily, & expect to wait 3-4 hours per day, jumping through their hoops – just to medicate. IF YOU EVEN GET TO. They no longer care, or follow any guidelines to the MAT program. I am scared, with what I see there daily, that many people might end up overdosing or dying, due to the way they choose to run that location. I informed my “counselor”, that her actions were forcing people back out to using, and possibly dying…and she replied “oh well”. I have filed complaints, with them, & with corporate, but have not had any issues resolved, instead, have faced months of retaliation, for doing so. They have me on every kind of contract imaginable, and now are forcing me out, for making their behaviors known. Avoid this clinic, if at all possible. 26 miles to Grants Pass, is definitely worth it. I wish I could do more, to help so many in there….just like me.

    • I have worked in a MAT clinic for years. It doesn’t have to be that way. Contact the state opioid authority and ACCBO AND AATOD LOUDLY YOU HAVE RIGHTS AS A PATIENT. CONTACT SAMSHA . The patients need to speak up or nothing will change. here’s a quote “revolutions begin when the people who are defined as the problem achieve the power to redefine the problem. SPEAK UP LOUDLY BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!!!!

  2. I dont recommend this clinic-there are not enough coubselors for patients-about 100 patients per counselor! The groups you have to do or they wont medicate you are worthless waste of time-mostly its hearing patients “war stories” and complaints for an hour! Not beneficial to my recovery!you have to walk on a certain side of street on your way there if you walk,cant smoke within 5 block radius,a stranger once asked for a cig,so i went back to my car and got him one-next day i was accused of making drug deal! Lol! Omg!A/C in group room dont work with 50 people -cant open door and it gets hot for that hour!and do research before you choose methadone maint. Or you might be making your problem alot bigger than it is now! If you really want recovery it can work but if you can avoid this place please Do!

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