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Dallas TexasABODE Treatment, Inc. Residential Review

With two facilities located in White Settlement and Dallas, the ABODE Treatment Inc. offers gender-specific residential treatment for men in Texas. Founded in April of 1994, ABODE offers substance abuse treatment for individuals from surrounding communities as well as formerly incarcerated individuals referred through the criminal justice system.

The ABODE network includes four outpatient treatment facilities for both men and women. The mission of ABODE is represented through their name, an acronym standing for “Adult Basic Opportunity Development Environment.” Clients are engaged on a daily basis through intensive therapy and outside support networks to start a new life in recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Each residential facility sleeps up to 100 men at a time in dormitory style accommodations. The Dallas facility is a two-story building with 25 rooms available—private rooms are available for $74 per day and others are shared with up to six clients for $44 per day. All bathrooms and showers are dormitory style with multiple stalls and showers. Bedrooms are furnished with either twin-beds (in the private rooms) or bunk beds, bedside tables and shared closets for storing clothes.

The White Settlement facility is a single-story building with bedrooms spread out in three wings, each with 10 bedrooms—some private and others sleeping up to six per room. Prices are the same as the Dallas facility.

Clients are expected to bring their own bed sheets, pillows and towels. A laundry area is available for residents to wash their clothes and linens. The White Settlement facility has a large grassy area available for exercise and recreational sports. Both locations have designated classrooms for group sessions and private offices for therapy.

Three meals are served daily in cafeterias and food is typical American comfort foods with healthy options available. Desserts, treats, coffee and sodas are available in addition to vending machines for snacks. Food is included in the daily price for treatment, but vending machine snacks must be bought by the resident. Clients can receive food from visitors but are limited to one meal at a time.

Treatment and Staff

The ABODE treatment program is an involved process lasting anywhere from six to nine months depending upon whether the client chooses to step down to the outpatient track. The residential program offers two phases—the Intensive Residential Treatment Program and the Transitional Residential Program (which includes work placement services). Each phase lasts 30 to 90 days depending on the client’s progress.

While not all clients are on probation, most clients are court mandated to attend through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. All clients are assessed upon arrival at a cost of $160. The intake counselor then assigns the client to their specific counselor to generate an individualized treatment plan. ABODE offers dual diagnosis support for residents who require additional mental health support.

The first phase, or the Intensive Residential Treatment Program, includes 20 hours of therapeutic activities every week. Clients attend daily group therapy with a LCDC. Up to six groups may be attended each day lasting anywhere from one to two hours each. Groups and individual therapy utilize 12-step principles and evidence-based practices. Residents receive one individual therapy session per week with their counselor that incorporates CBT and DBT techniques to assist with behavior modification and awareness. All clients must attend up to five off- and on-site AA/NA meetings per week and work the steps with a sponsor—an essential component to the recovery process at ABODE.

The Transitional Residential Treatment Program is the second phase with a primary focus being integration back to the work force. Originally designed to reduce the number of inmates in the Texas criminal justice system, ABODE offers residents the opportunity to get their GED and search for employment. Second phase clients attend four hours of daily therapeutic activity until they have secured a job. Once employment is obtained, residents receive a minimum of six hours of therapy per week. Counselors focus on anger management, relapse prevention and planning for discharge. Learning nutrition skills, cooking, budgeting and personal hygiene is strengthened through individual therapy and specialty groups. Once residential treatment is completed, clients are offered the opportunity to enroll in outpatient treatment if they choose.

During treatment, clients are allowed approved passes for off-site job searching, visiting family, church services, 12-step meetings and time with sponsors must be approved by a counselor. Personal vehicles are allowed if the resident can legally drive and the vehicle is properly registered and insured. During treatment, all clients and visitors must adhere to a dress code; dressing for success is a must, and no clothes that are suggestive or over-worn are allowed. The facility has payphones that are available for use in-between therapy activities. No phone calls are allowed after 11 pm. Visitors are permitted on Saturdays from 2:30 to 4 pm and Sundays from 1:30 to 4 pm. Visitors must respect the rules and be positive towards the client’s recovery.


Residents may participate in a family program that includes weekly therapy. Family members and spouses are encouraged to support their loved-one throughout treatment. Counselors utilize an educational approach, teaching the family of addiction and how to support the client at home and during recovery.

Clients are regularly transported to activities on weekends including going to the movies, barbecues at the park and playing basketball. Residents can go on overnight passes to see their family for up to 48 hours. All passes must be approved by staff members ahead of time.

In Summary

ABODE Treatment’s residential program for men offers support and structure during their transition from incarceration to treatment. Clients intensively work on building their skills through work placement programs and can receive their GED to better their chances of success. Attendance of 12-step meetings and active participation in the program help to create a strong support system for the men to rely on after treatment has commenced. ABODE Treatment and the clinical staff work diligently to reduce the client’s risk of returning to incarceration and increase their chances of returning to the community in good standing.

ABODE Treatment Locations

ABODE Treatment
723 South Peak St
Dallas, TX 75223

701 South Cherry Lane
White Settlement, TX 76108

ABODE Treatment Cost

$44 to $74 (per day). Reach ABODE Treatment by phone at (817) 246-8677 or by email at abode76108@yahoo.com. Find ABODE Treatment on Facebook and Google+

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