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abbeycare newmarketAbbeycare Newmarket Clinic Review

Abbeycare is a UK-based residential treatment facility founded in 2004. The company’s Newmarket Cliniclocated in Suffolk, is one of Abbeycare’s two facilities in the UK, the other of which is in Scotland. Conveniently situated near London, Newmarket is a modern complex which gives residents enough distance from the bustle of the city.

Accommodations and Food

Newmarket’s custom-built clinic setting includes 12 rooms which sleep 14 residents (as two of the quarters are shared), each containing en suite bathrooms and queen-sized beds. There are also two media rooms with lounges and TVs that clients can use for free time after 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Residents also have access to a nearby hotel with a pool, spa and gym; transportation is provided three times a week.

A nearby restaurant caters all of Newmarket’s meals, and clients can order anything from steak and chicken to meat-free offerings like macaroni. Per the staff dietician’s emphasis on healthy living, there’s no caffeine and minimal-to-no sugar at Newmarket. Hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit and home-baked goods are available in the dining room between meals as well.

Treatment and Staff

A combination of CBT and 12-step are the primary methods of treatment at Newmarket. Theirs is a 28-day program based more or less exclusively on group therapy. While doctors do pay visits to the clinic occasionally, none are available on-site.

The on-site detox has no time limit, as it’s largely dependent on what a given client is withdrawing from. Dual diagnosis support is available for residents with underlying issues and all 12-step meetings are off-site. Attendance is required and transportation provided. While sponsorship is highly encouraged, it is not mandatory.

Unlike other facilities, Newmarket allows electronics including mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Additionally, there are no limitations in terms of how long clients can use their gadgets (though if their usage becomes a problem, staff members reserve the right to confiscate them). Still, all the above must be silenced or off while in groups.

At the Newmarket location, residents start their days at 7 am. Medication is between 7:30 and 8:15 am, followed by morning meditation and breakfast at 9:30. From 10 am to 3:30 pm is dedicated to groups and therapy, with lunch around 1 pm.

Sundays are reserved for church, family support groups and visits. Though “lights out” is scheduled before midnight, this is more of a firm encouragement than a rule. Residents get free time on Tuesday and Sunday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings.

Newmarket’s staff includes a Consultant Psychiatrist, Specialist Addictions Nurse Prescriber and six therapists as well as many other suitably qualified professionals.


Newmarket also offers holistic therapies to relax the mind and body such as reflexology, mindfulness and Reiki (though the latter costs an extra £10 per session). Yoga and massage therapy are also provided by an in-house therapist twice a week. Finally, clients are also allowed to decide as a group where they’d like to go for off-site outings.

Once every two weeks, Newmarket hosts a family program in the form of a support group for residents’ loved ones. Clients don’t participate in these sessions, as they are set aside solely for family members to express their concerns and issues. After the first week of treatment, visitation can occur on weekends. Friends and family visit on Saturdays from 1 to 5 pm, and other can come on Sundays from 1 to 4:30 pm.

In Summary

Whether someone is a local or considering recovery abroad, Abbeycare’s Newmarket Clinic offers basic 12-step based group therapy with dual diagnosis support, all in a tranquil location.  For those who want a smaller facility with a variety of amenities, Newmarket could be an option.

Abbeycare Newmarket Clinic Location

Jeddah Way, Kennet
Newmarket, Suffolk
England, CB8 8JY

Abbeycare Newmarket Clinic Cost

£9,490.00 GBP [$12,913 per publishing date exchange rate] for single room; £6,500 [$8,403 per publishing day exchange rate] for shared room (28 days). Reach Abbeycare Newmarket Clinic by phone at (country code 01144) + 1638 811993 or by email at Find Abbeycare on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube 

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